Writer’s Block

Apparently, I had writer’s block.   Maybe I was bored?  Maybe I didn’t have anything to write about? Maybe, I was too busy?   Maybe my creative writing skillz  were depleted.  Or, maybe I fell in love with crocheting.

Yep, I confess, the crochet hook had me hostage.

I do love to write.  It is soothing and comforting to me.  It allows me to escape whatever needs to be escaped.  It also allows me to ramble when I want to ramble.  The sound of fingertips hitting the keyboard is like music to me. Of course seeing all the errors that follow can be comical.  I don’t get hung up on that, though.

This post isn’t anything really.  I guess you can call it  “A post about nothing’.  Sound familiar?  If you are a Seinfeld fan you got that one.  Oh how I miss that show.  Luckily, I found the box set at my parents house. I confiscated it awhile back hoping to indulge myself from time to time.

I was going through my latest posts, and see how my health journey changed some. I still go to my lady who does the lymphatic drainage therapy, as I feel that helps.  However, I have now seen a list of doctors and specialist.

On my last Dr. questionnaire (liver doctor) it asked if I was stressed.  That was funny to me.  I wrote this down.  “I have 3 children 10, 8 and 4 on summer break, and I’m married. I have mounting doctor bills, and a deductible that I’m only  a 1/4 of a way through. Yeah, you can say I am stressed. Does it really matter if I have one margarita?”

I was a bit sarcastic, maybe moody that day.  I think most of all, I was scared and tired. I tend to go through humor, sometimes dark, to release the negative energy.  It helps.

With more tests and more test, you can say I am still a mystery.  Although, they have now focused on my liver.  Interesting how it started with my ears and head, all the while was a sign from my liver.  The body is a complex thing.

Last I heard was it looked like I drank 10 beers a night, and on one test, 2 bottles of vodka a night. My numbers are triple the amount they are  suppose to be.  No, I don’t drink.  They have pinpointed something, but waiting on another test for confirmation.  A possible liver biopsy could be in my near future, but not confirmed.  Waiting for a week and trying to resist the evil Dr. Google is almost impossible.  I wear my phone in my bra so I do not miss the call.

Day 7 (yes I counted weekends, and the holiday.  They are days, after all, regardless if they work them or not) and still waiting.

Here I am, my fingers speaking, and my heart sharing.

I am curious, who else has had to wait a long week or longer for answers?  Or worst yet, another dead end?  Share with me.  I would love to read them.

Till then,


Cupping Therapy. A Bunch of Hooey?

This passed Labor Day weekend wasn’t a feel ‘amazing’ weekend for me.  Thanks to Advil, and prayer I made it through.  I was anxiously awaiting my acupuncture appointment today because I was getting cupped for the very first time!

Cupping Therapy What is Cupping?

noun: cupping
  1. (in Chinese medicine) a therapy in which heated glass cups are applied to the skin along the meridians of the body, creating suction as a way of stimulating the flow of energy.

How does Cupping work?

Initially it pulls blood into an area. The tissues get saturated with fresh blood while the vacuum pulls stagnant blood out of the area. You can see this in the hickey like appearance that is typically left behind. You may very well look like you made out with an alien.  You may have a black and blue appearance that isn’t painful.

As new blood is forced into the tissues around the cups the body will begin to develop new blood vessels.  This may be why cupping can cause a lasting effect. As the new vessels form they will have the capability to feed the tissues with nutrient and oxygen.

Something else happens early in this process as well. It is called sterile inflammation. Now many hear the word inflammation and think it is a bad thing. After all we take anti-inflammatory when there is pain and swelling so inflammation must be bad, right? But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Inflammation is the first line of healing. The body releases white blood cells, platelets, fibroblasts and other healing chemicals to promote healing. When the vacuum occurs it causes separation of the different layers of tissue which can cause micro trauma and tearing. The healing chemicals I mentioned above get released and stimulate healing.

My Experience

Some would say this is a bunch of hooey, and I admit, my eyes rolled on this form of Chinese medicine a few years back when I heard about it. However, let me let you on a little secret…..

When you have zero luck with Western Medicine, and refuse to go too far in their drug induced web, you start to look for other avenues, and depending on your desperation you try anything! Like Cupping, Acupuncture, NUCCA, Lymphatic Drainage Massage and some go to the best Physician out there, our God.  Which is where I have gained more strength from in my journey.

Not wanting to make this into a huge spiritual post, but I must give credit where credit is due. My God is amazing! My faith walk in all of this has grown tremendous leaps and bounds.  I am so thankful and joyful, many people don’t see how I could be joyful and thankful.  However, I say, start reaching out to God, and you too will be filled with so much love you will truly be amazed.

It’s like complaining doesn’t even exist in me any longer. Sure, I can get a fleeting thought of doom and despair; however I am so quick to turn that thought into something joyful and happy.  Your tongue can either bless you or curse you. What you say becomes your reality, and this girl refuses to live in a doom and despair reality.

I was a little unsure how it was going to feel. I mean, I went on WebMD and Googled like crazy.   I did my massive internet search, so I was already at Expertise Level in Cupping Therapy within 5 mins.


It wasn’t bad, and actually pretty relaxing. Except I was laying on my boobs weird, and well that didn’t feel too hot. I didn’t know if I could move or not, so I stayed still for 15 mins trying to think of a white sandy beach, and a cute cabana boy taking my drink order.

On a serious note, I went in there with pressure and pain in the left side of my head to my ear.  Nagging and very familiar.  Almost immediately after placing the needles around my ears and the cups on my back, I was free from pain.  My constant drainage had also seized.  Praise God and Thank you, Dr. Baker at Balanced Body!

Towards the end of my session I became the weirdo client. I had strategically put my phone in my back pocket for a ‘cupping selfie’.  Since, I quickly realized it wasn’t very comfortable to move, I could not do my shame free selfie.  So, I did what any normal blogger would do who wanted to document their first cupping session.  I asked if the assistant would take my photo before she took off my torture devises.

Pride?  What pride?

She was happy to do it, and if I heard her right I was the first client to ever ask for her help in a cupping photoshoot.

Here I am in all my cupping glory!

cupping therapy cupping therapy cupping therapy








Cute huh?

I was welcomed with these horrifying photos when I decided to do my research on cupping therapy.

cupping therapy

Is there a body under all those cups?

cupping therapy

This dude looks like he wrapped himself in bubble wrap. Almost makes me want to push him down the stairs just to hear the popping.









Have any of my readers tried cupping?  How has it helped you?  Leave a comment I would love to hear from you!

Much Love,


How to Get Rid of Bloating

How to Get Rid of BloatingBloating has been a part of my life since I went into puberty. Bloating is something no woman should have to endure. How can we feel sexy and powerful when we feel like a hot air balloon?  I can easily go from this size you see to the left, to looking like I’m 8 months preggo in no time. It’s embarrassing, and have actually, on occasion, been asked when the baby is due.


So, how to get rid of bloating…

I learned a neat trick that has helped me during my ‘fluffy’ stages.  Which usually occurs at different times of my cycle or after I eat a meal that does not agree with me.   I have used this a few times, and have seen great results from it and wanted to share it.

What you need:
Rock Salt like Morton’s Ice Cream Rock Salt
Pillow Case, cotton is best
Parchment Paper

Ok, so now what?

First, heat up the oven at 350.  DO NOT MICROWAVE

How to get rid of bloating

Then you add parchment paper to a cookie sheet and add a lot of rock salt and spread it out over the cookie sheet without spilling over. Make sure you have enough to where you do not see the parchment paper.

how to get rid of bloating

how to get rid of bloating

Heat for 15-25 mins.  The salt can cool off quickly so make sure you are ready to relax before getting it out of the oven.  I typically put it in the oven before I take my shower, then when I get out, I make some Peppermint tea and take out the salt.

When finished grab a cotton pillowcase.  Lay it on the counter, open.  Then I grab the parchment paper and carefully manuver it to what reminds me of a taco.  Then I dump the salt in the pillow case and tie the end.

how to get rid of bloating

Keep it on your tummy till it is no longer warm.

Wala, you are done. Sit back, read a book, drink your tea and enjoy the warmth!

BE CAREFUL! This is HOT! Don’t be stupid. Use common sense.
DO NOT DO THIS WHEN PREGNANT! Your baby cannot cool off inside your tummy. Pregnancy is actually a great time to enjoy the bloat.  You don’t have to hid it.  Who cares, right?  You are having a baby!

Here’s my tips for you:

****Lay it on top of your comforter at first over your belly.  Then when it’s comfortable enough for you, remove the comforter and lay it on your tummy.


If you do, you may never stop bleeding again! You have been warned!

You can reuse the rock salt for a few times before throwing away.  So far I have used one batch for about 5 uses. It’s about time for me to add some new in.

I drink Twinnings Pure Peppermint tea along with this treatment. Peppermint is wonderful for bloating, and the two together are like Ninja’s to the bloat!

What does this do?

It helps draw out access water that is in your system. I dunno the science behind it.  I just know it works and works well.

I hope you find relief with this as well.  If you have tried this, and liked it, tell me about it! I want to hear from you!

Much Love,


The Rebounder, It’s Not For Sissies!

The RebounderThis could possibly be my most embarrassing post to date.  Since I am no stranger to laughing at myself, I had to share.

I started this form of exercise because it is so beneficial to the lymph system, and I need all the help I can get.

Occasionally, I walk the kids to school, but walking is not easy.  The way I see when I walk is very similar to watching the camera in the Blair Witch Project.  Or, watching someone walk with a camera attached to their head. My eyes are not fixed with head movement. Instead, my eyes feel as though they are loose which causes the ‘camera shake’ or ‘bobble head’ effect I deal with.  Some days are worse than others, but even on my best day it isn’t just a stroll in the park.  Also, just a side note if you ever see me in public and you shout and wave, I am not ignoring you.  Well, unless I don’t like you, but mostly it’s due to my issues.

Rebounding. First off, I figured that I would never be able to do such a thing.  Talk about ‘bobble head’!  However, with the eyes closed, it isn’t so bad. I tend to get a headache as I am exercising, but usually it goes away soon after.

This is NOT how I rebound, but seriously, how fun! I could really get into that if my body would let me.

No, I don’t do that.  I do it like I would assume a 90 year old would do it. My feet rarely come off the thing.  I simply just bounce on my tippy toes.  Then I alternate between tippy toes and full foot.  All the while, I sing to myself.   Yeah, you read that right…I sing.

Seriously, I wonder if that was video taped if it would go viral. The chances are pretty great, but am I ready for that much fame?

With very little physical effort on my part, I ended up hurting myself. Yep, I hurt myself rebounding like a 90 year old. The back of my right calf connected to my knee is on fire.

I bent down to scoop the litter box yesterday, and I literally was almost in tears. I quickly laughed at myself, because I am not giving the devil any satisfaction.  I mean who hurts themselves bouncing as little as I bounce?  Hand is raised, yep that would be moi!

Plus, pain or circumstances seems to lessen when you bring laughter into the mix. No, I didn’t feel like laughing. Actually, I wanted to shout many expletives.  But, I didn’t, I just laughed.

After texting Chris about my new aliment.  He told me to foam roller.  Anyone ever foam roller?  It is evil! It hurts! It could be used as a form of torture in Turkish prisons! It is not a feel good thing, especially when you have a sore something or other. I took a photo of me in this process, and then my son decided that I needed one where the ‘concentration is so intense’ photo, so he took one.Foam Roller

foam roller

Holding my breath here.

I’m taking a couple days to heal, and trying to up the ‘woe is me’ so Chris will take pity on me, and work on the calf.  He is an amazing massage therapist! Of course, I think I could be a bit biased.

For all my readers who like to read data on the benefits of rebounding, here are a few right off hand.

It supports bone and joint density.
I actually read that NASA uses this on astronauts who have been in space to gain back their bone density.

Complete Body Detox.
This is where the lymph system comes into play.  It gets rid of all the gunk.  This little diagram was helpful to me.

lymph system

WOOHOO, Lose the fat.
It gets you moving without the stress on your joints, also the gentle detox is huge in the ‘get rid of fat’ department.

Improve Balance and Posture.
You just had me at hello! Who needs balance help?  This girl!

Improves Blood Flow
First, just as rebounding supports lymph circulation, it supports the circulation of blood. It decreases blood pooling in veins to improve chronic edema and rebounding can even lower blood pressure by aiding blood circulation.

Improves Hormone Imbalance
Yes, please!! Since detoxing excess hormones and toxins is key to a healthy endocrine system, I recommend rebounding to anyone with hormone imbalance. Any ladies tend to be a raging maniac during their time?  Jump! Visualize the rebounder as your husbands face (during those days), and you’ll be gravy in no time. Plus you won’t get arrested for trying to do bodily harm to your beloved.

Bye Bye Cellulite 
Why am I not doing this all day long?  Oh yeah, because obviously my body thinks it’s 100 and sees no reason why I should concern myself with dimples on my butt. With that said, cellulite is frequently due to a stagnant, toxic lymph system. Often, women see a reduction in cellulite after regular rebounding for a few months. It’s only been a week for me, tic tock, I’m waiting!

There you have it.

My embarrassment with some knowledge mixed in.

I would love to hear some ways the rebounder helped you.  Also, if you had an injury from jumping like a 90 year old, that would be awesome to read. Comment below…Don’t leave me hanging. This cheese does not want to stand alone.

Much Love,


My Food Sensitivities Test is In!

shutterstock_195397382The food sensitivities test I had is called MRT.   What does MRT stand for? Mediator Release Test.  It’s a test that I had been putting off.  I had a couple reasons why I had put it off, and they are silly reasons.

For starters, I hate needles, like really hate them. To the point where I ask if I can have pediatric needles.  Sad. Yes, but I have no shame in admitting this.

The beginning of why I hate needles….

Back in 2004 my two dogs, Zoie and Gracie got into a dog fight over a cat.  My cat.  One I had owned, that was becoming a little butthole as he was maturing from his kitten stage.  I broke up the fight, and in the process one of them bit me.  Not sure who, but I blamed it on Zoie, my Shepard mix. Gracie was pit bull, and if I had told the ER she would have most likely been put down.  Just for the record, Gracie was a bit emotionally mixed up, but she was not aggressive.  This was a fluke thing, and she was protecting another cat that I had. (long story and not going into all that).

Turns out one of them had severed the tendon in my right hand.  I had to have surgery to repair it. They did it while I was awake, and it was worse than child birth. I wish they had put a partition close to my face so I couldn’t see what they were doing.  Or, given me strong meds so I could care less what they were doing.  My Dr. who was doing the surgery probably wished I was knocked out, because I was uncomfortable, and not really hiding it.  He told me I was worse then his mother. Bedside manner, this man had none.

So, back to needles….not a fan.

The second reason is, I didn’t want to see proof if coffee, chocolate, cheese and vanilla were a no no for me.  My 4 big loves in the food department.  Again, silly and childish. No shame here either.

My husband, Chris is a FDN practitioner.   FDN stands for Functional Diagnostic Nutrition.  He has run some tests on me before.  He runs all kinds of tests like parasite, hormone, process protein, food sensitivity, thyroid and many others.   These tests are usually more detailed than what you would receive from a Dr’s office.  By testing different areas, you then do the protocol, then he finds out the root to the problem.  Testing can get expensive if you are a mystery like me, and have to do a few to figure out what’s going on.  FDN Practitioners look for the root cause, and fixing it.  It is not the ‘band aid’ approach which seems to be the general way that happens in the US.  This is about going much deeper and covering all areas.  Not just the effected area.

We just completed the MRT test, and I have to say I am MORE than pleased!! Foods are broke down in 3 different areas.  Green, yellow and red. Much like red lights, they mean the same.  Green is go, yellow is caution and ultimately you want to stay away from and red is don’t go there.

I am so happy to see my coffee, vanilla and chocolate are in the green! Thank you, Jesus! I can even tolerate cream for my coffee, but my cheeses have to go.  That’s a tough one because I LOVE my Mexican food!

The wheat wasn’t much of a shocker, but still sad to see that warm loaf of bread that gets sat on your table at dinner (like Firebirds) won’t ever get eaten for awhile.

I was extremely surprised by my results. I had thought I was sensitive to many many things. So happy to be proven wrong. Oh, and it looks like I can have a beer again! Hops is barely green!

Unfortunately, wine is off the table, for now.

Hmmmm, I wonder if I can handle tequila?

This just makes me really think my other post about infection is on the right track.

As you can see foods that are really good for us, may not be good for you.  There is so much proof out there that food sensitivities are almost always the cause of certain things, especially behavioral issues like ADD and ADHD.  That’s why it is important to be tested along these lines because it can be just this simple.

This is what one looks like.  However, more of this needs to be explained as it goes a bit deeper than colored lines. I’m waiting for my husband to get home for my consultation.

MRT Test results

unnamed (8)

I have cut out so many foods, this was my confirmation that I can start bringing some things in. However, I’ve liked the effects going without sugar has given me, so that is going to stay off the table. However, now I know I can have a piece of Dane’s birthday cake in October!

Oh, I love birthday cake and missed it so!!

I highly recommend going through FDN if you are having health issues.  Especially, if you are tired of feeling like a mouse in a laboratory, and if modern medicine isn’t helping you.  If this would  be something that would interest you, leave a comment below.

Much love,


Let’s Play Dress Up

My oldest daughter, Lydia has always liked dressing up, fashion and make up.  At 7, she is pretty good at doing her own make up (for fun.  she doesn’t go to school all ‘hoed’ up) , and making her own ‘creations’ with outfits.

When she found my wig stash (I use them for my Boudoir photography) she was begging me to play dress up.  I knew what she wanted to do and create would take time, so we set a day back in March, during her Spring Break to play.

Yeah, I am a little behind.

Some of you may have seen these on my Instagram account and/or Facebook page. Either way, I had been wanting to share these for awhile.

Sophia, my youngest (3) got into the action as well.

Both girls, did their own make up and I told them they could pick out anything in my closet to wear.

Of course, I had to take photos.

Here is what took place.


Let's play dress up

Let's play dress up

Let's play dress up

Let's play dress up

Let's play dress up

Let's play dress up

Let's play dress up



Could This Be It? My Diagnosis?

For my long time readers, friends and family you all know about the unexpected turn my health took about 3 years ago.  Feel free to catch up here.  It’s been a journey I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

Most know I have seen many many doctors.  One thing was common with them all, they had no idea what was causing such a life changing events.   Things were mentioned like tumors, Meniere’s Disease, strokes, cancers, Multiple Sclerosis; which it seemed was the big thing people wanted to label me with.  I was so tired of people telling me that is what I had because ‘your symptoms are just like my ____” or “you’re in the perfect age range.” I will never forget the big nurse that was wheeling me down to get my MRI when I was in the hospital.  She was in her late 20’s, big, blonde and hair in a messy bun.  She was chewing her gum in a loud and obnoxious way.  She was pushing the bed at the head while another nurse had the bottom.  These were her first words to me “Man, I bet you have MS.  You’re at the right age and it sounds just like it!” At this point I could barely open my eyes because they were so sensitive to light and movement.  However, I managed to open them, and give her the meanest look I could muster.  I told her that was the meanest thing anyone had ever said to me, and gave her a snotty ‘thanks’.  Then closed my eyes, and put a pillow over my head.  I was secretly praying for her to trip on my face.  Of course back then I think my thoughts were ‘fat face’.  I wasn’t a pleasant person back then, I was frustrated and sick.  I feel bad now for thinking that, but at least I didn’t say it to her face. That’s an accomplishment!!  But, really, who says that????

We later find out none of these were it, and it was a hemorrhage in the inner ear. What causes that?  No one knows.  My ENT in San Antonio told me they are super rare, and only happen in head trauma. I was asked repeatedly if I had been beaten.  I thought I was being funny when I would respond with “well, unless my husband beat me in the middle of the night and I not remember” Here’s a tip, don’t say that.  I only had one Dr that smiled at me when I said that.  The others, didn’t see my humor. I guess it was not appropriate.

I should play the lotto, because I ended up having another one in the other ear 2 years later.  We had just moved to Omaha, and Chris didn’t have insurance yet. Just perfect! So, I dealt the best I could till I got insurance. In the mean time, I wasn’t able to save my hearing in the left ear.  Which looking back, I wish I had tried to get a steroid shot in the ear drum, that ended up saving my right ear.  However, I doubt a ENT, that I never met, would do just that without all the other tests that came with it.

Once I did get insurance I went to Boystown National Research Hospital. I saw a Dr. Prinz.  She was absolutely the worst doctor I have ever seen.  She would hear nothing about my symptoms.  She couldn’t get over my hearing test results, and repeatedly lectured me on getting a hearing aid.  I explained the first time, that they aren’t cheap, and my deductible was so high I would have to pay out of pocket for one. She ignored that, and continued to get agitated at me for not having a hearing aid. Then she went ahead and just flat out told me my left ear was dead. Gone. Not coming back.  D.E.A.D!

I tried so hard to hold back my tears, but they started to flow. I realized I was not being heard.  I needed to know what was causing this, and what could be done.  I already knew my hearing was effected. I did manage to hold my tongue, because once I got control over my tears I got angry. It took everything I had to leave without getting nasty.  She never offered anything to help with the symptoms, not that I like drugs, but heck, you can only get pushed so far till you start wanting relief.

After that, I decided to go the more natural route.

Chris had mentioned getting Lymphatic Massages and did some research.  He found a girl that studied with a reputable school he knew of.  So, off I went to Skilled Touch Massage & Wellness in Gretna.  I have been going once a week for a few months now.  I love these massages because it’s an hour just for me.  They have these cool wands that the therapist will run over your body. They light up and sound like space ships.   If there is congestion, it will drag on the skin.  Like if you have sticky skin.  So, then they focus on that area and break up that congestion. They also have lasers that break up the nodules as well. Manual massage is also applied.

Lymphatic massage

At 100 bucks a pop, this has helped me a lot, but results would usually last only about 3-4 days.  Then my ears and head would be so full, that it throws off balance and hearing.

My last appointment, which was yesterday was, what possibly, could be my diagnosis. I had not had a massage in 2 weeks, and my body was screaming!  The first week, my therapist was out of town, and she was sick at my appointment yesterday.  So, I kept my appointment because my head felt like it was about to pop. I saw a different person, named Jean.

As I was giving her the run down on my symptoms, history, and my life for the past 3 years she asked some key questions. Asked about surgeries, my c-sections, infections while including time frames.  I had forgotten, and for good reason, I had a horrible Uterine Infection after Sophia was born. She explained that infection could have been the key point to my problem.  Even though the infection is gone, it could have left scar tissue,and blocked up my lymph system that was already compromised with poor eating and stress from the C-Section. Stress and poor eating also plays tribute.  A compromised lymph system also can affect allergies and food sensitives. The body can only handle so much before it breaks down.

However, after she had worked on me she told me my breast tissue was super lumpy.  Which, I already knew and had scheduled a Drs appt back in March to rule out cancer.  My Dr. told me that those lumps are ‘normal’ sometimes people are just lumpier than normal, but she felt nothing that would be cause of alarm. Ok, lumpy boobs are normal?  Don’t buy that BS, ladies!

lymphatic drainage

Jean, then told my head isn’t my problem, my boobs are backed up.  Which, makes sense as hormones are stored in your tatas.  Which could be the connection between that, and why I would get the hemorrhages on the first day of my cycle.  Your body can only fill with so much fluid.  Now, we will have a new battle plan with upcoming appointments.

So, what happens when your lymph system is backed up?  She explained on a diagram.  Similar to one below:

lymphatic massage

There is only one area that dumps all your toxins, and it is on your left side.  If your system gets back up then it has no where to go and keeps filling and filling. Putting pressure on certain areas, which in my case, is my ears and head.  Side note: I apologize for the crappy red circles.

For me, everything is being trapped in my breasts, and that is my problem area, but my head has paid the price. Which in turns has also caused the allergies and food sensitivities.  It is all connected.  She explained more and also better than I could.  I just found it interesting.

Now what do I do?


Well, the biggest thing that would help me is exercise, but since my balance and head always feeling like it’s a balloon, that isn’t as easy.  I have started to walk the kids to school, but that isn’t a fun or easy experience anymore.   I feel like I’m being judged; a low life mom, drunk before 9am trying to walk her kids to school. Making sure I don’t fall in front of people, or fall and hit my head on the pavement.  However, I’m sure if I do it more often, it may be easier and get better.  At least that is what Chris tells me.  I dunno, do I believe him or not?

Eat big leafy greens

I’ve been doing more of my smoothies. I had cut them down because, let’s face it, I like to eat my food, not drink it.


This is something that I will be starting. Humid heat affects dizziness, so it has to be dry heat. Since, paying for a gym membership for just to use a sauna is ridiculous, Chris will be building me one in the downstairs bathroom, right honey? In the mean time, anyone have a sauna they will let me use?!


I started this week.  I’ve only had 2 sessions, and not really feel any different, but it’s only been 2 sessions. One thing I have learned through au naturale is things take longer.  I was leary to go to a acupuncturist because I wanted to go to one close to my house. The Gretna trip can be hard on me. Sometimes I have to have someone take me.  My guy that is close to my house, happens to be very cute.  However, I decided to put my insecurities away and just go to him. He’s married after all, so he isn’t gonna care about a few flaws I have.  I’m 39, I wonder how long it will take me to get over my flaws. Aren’t flaws what makes you beautiful?  I was kinda hoping it was personality.  I usually win people over with my personality…I think.

Dry Brushing

This is something I have already been doing. Click here to read on some benefits to dry brushing.  Of course, they had me at cellulite!


This is another thing I didn’t think I could do. However, I went next door today, and did my first ever rebounder exercise. I did it with my eyes closed! As long as my eyes weren’t seeing the motion, I seemed fine. However, I will note, if you get one make sure you get one with a handle. Thank goodness my moms did.  Otherwise, this girl would have been on the floor cringing in pain.

If you saw my parents basement, it’s filled with many things to land on and hurt thy self.  I thought about making a video on it, just for giggles.  I still may do that.

Breast massage

Yep, go ahead, fill yourself up!  In this video I show what my therapist told me to do, multiple times a day. I still cannot believe I put this on YouTube, but if it helps just one person, then I am fine with it.  Of course, it helps with not wearing a shirt or bra when you do this. However, my girls aren’t for show so of course I have on a shirt. Ladies, I think this is something we should do, lumps or no lumps. It could prevent cancer.

In the end, just keep moving and sweating.  I thought running after a 3 year old was exercise, but I guess it isn’t enough for me to count.


I came home yesterday feeling happy and feeling like this made sense. It is the only thing that has connected the dots. Your lymph system is the only way you rid your body with toxins. It’s your sewer system.  If it doesn’t work right, it has access to all areas of your organs, and body in general. Scary thought.

I would love to hear what are ways that help your lymph system?


Showing Love on National Dog Day

It seems like we have ‘holidays’ for everything now a days.  I dunno, do you think it’s getting out of hand?  What’s next?  National Poop Day?  To create awareness on ‘poop truth’?  Size, color, does it float, does it not, where did it go.  A day just for poop! Poop, Poop, Poop!

National dog day

With all silliness aside, I do have to get all giddy with National Dog Day! I have 3 wild ones to date, and love my furbabies with everything I have.  I believe it’s been going strong for 11 years, and it is to promote adoption and saving lives. Because #doglivesmatter, as well as #ALLlivesmatter.

Can you hashtag in a blog post?  I’ve never done it before, if not, forgive the faux pas.

I found a great site that went a little deeper in National Dog Day, feel free to read up on it here.

I have 3 misfits that all started out with no love, meanness and to be forgotten.  I’ll take this opportunity to share with you a little about mine, how they became part of my family. I’ll go from biggest to smallest.

Pico and Momma

Pico and Momma

First off is Momma Dog, yep, original isn’t it?

Momma has been with me since 2011.  I was a foster mommy for a few places in San Antonio, so my emails were filled with desperate pleas.  Enough to make you depressed and angry all day, if you let it. I came across this email with Momma (she didn’t even have a name) and 8 of her 5 week old pups.  They were 30 mins from walking the ‘green mile’ to their death.  I opened it, and of course it had photos! Well, that’s all it took.  I quickly text my husband if he would mind sharing his house with another dog and 8 of her puppies!  At this time, I had Zoie, Gracie and Annabelle, plus 2 or 3 cats.  I cannot remember.  You can do the math. He quickly said yes, and my fingers typed faster than they could ever type! Within the hour, Momma Dog and her babies were delivered to my house. Momma was so nervous she ran into my bedroom, and pooped on Chris’ luggage.  It was a messy poop!  Maybe that could be the date for National Poop Day!

National Dog Day

Pups inhaling their food

Soon after the lady left I quickly had to figure out what in the world I was going to do with all of them.  I actually hadn’t though that far ahead.  Luckily I had a crate to keep the puppies in, and Momma and her pups stayed in my garage.  Summer was over, so it was not a sauna in there.

My animals were not pleased with this new arrangement, but luckily my furchildren realize pretty quickly that they have to share space at times.

Hmmm, what to name this girl and her puppies.  Everytime I saw her I just called her Momma.  I would go in, and pet her and let her know she didn’t have to be afraid anymore. She had it made now.  Before I knew it, she was responding to Momma, so that’s how she got her name.

I was able to adopt all the puppies out, but Momma was a different story. She was roughly 3 when I got her, and I do not know her past.  She was scared of men and brooms.  Anything actually that was long and shaped like a broom.  She was afraid of leashes and collars, still is actually. After a year of being in the house, she finally got used to Chris, and still doesn’t like when he gets mad.  After a year, it was obvious she was ours.

Next is Pico.

This boy had me at hello.  He is a chihuahua mix and roamed our neighborhood in San Antonio.  He was the Alpha in any pack that joined him. I say that because it was like everyday he would walk down our street with different dogs in tow.  All were behind him.  He walked like he was the Fonz.  He needed a leather coat and a white t-shirt as he pranced down the street.  It took me months for him to come to me.  There was a time where I didn’t see him for a few months and thought the coyotes got him.  Then one day he came prancing over to the food I left for him in the front yard by my big tree. He had a friend with him. His friend came up to me and was was letting me love all over him. Finally, Pico came closer and closer. After about 20 mins, he was rolled over letting me scratch his tummy.

I am not sure what happened next, but he ended up being a regular at my house. I would keep him inside, but when morning came her wanted out. I would put him in the backyard, but every time he escaped. This was the routine for awhile, till he got pretty comfortable and his journeys outside were not as often or as long. He had made us his family. You can read here how he extended our family for a little bit.

Last but not least, Annabelle.

National Dog Day

She is a full blooded Chihuahua, with all the full attitude of one! I found her as I was driving down 1604 in San Antonio.  Someone had put her on top of huge electrical box.  She was not even 1 lb, and was about the size of my hand. It was Feb, and it was a cold day.  At first I thought it was a rat, but I remember thinking a rat couldn’t climb that big box.

Soon after bringing her home, my husband decided to take her to a bike shop.  It was a cold day, and she jumped out of his arms landing on her head on the sidewalk.  That evening, she began having seizures.  Many times in that one night. After her many vet visits, she was prescribed heavy duty narcotic.  She became devil dog fast! I remember an instance when she was at the vet, and the Dr. took us to the very back room. The gray door was a heavy, made of steel, it also had a small window on it.  Something like you would see in a mental ward.  To this day, I am not sure why he had us in that room.

While he turned her on her back to examine her, (now remember she is barely a pound) she starts growling, and fighting like her life depended on it. Teeth were showing, her tongue was thrashing around.  I think the vet was waiting for her head to spin around.  She was mad, to say the least. I knew then, I had misnamed her.  She should have been Xena, The Warrior Princess.

She made so much noise, people from the waiting room ,and staff members had come to the door peeking through the glass to see what was going on.  The vet told me that I may have to put her down,because this was the worst he had ever seen a dog behave from head trauma and narcotics.

This is a photo of her soon after she got better.

National Dog Day

Luckily she got better, and she is as sweet as ever. Well, to a point, she is still a mighty dog in a small body. She has no fear when it comes to things she wants to fight over. Her size has almost gotten her killed a few times.  Once, she ran out to attack 2 huge dogs in muzzles.  Thank God they were muzzled.  Maybe I need to get her one.

She is now 7 and still full of herself.

So, those three stories and many others I have about saving animals, cats and dogs alike are why I think it is so important to adopt, don’t shop! National Dog Day is a fantastic way to celebrate your dog(s).

Go ahead, give em a bone!

Happy Waggin’



Fall Special

One of the perks to moving from San Antonio to Omaha is that I officially have my favorite season back, Fall.  It the time for cool brisk morning walks to school,  cooler days, campfires bundled in a blanket and pumpkin EVERYTHING.

There isn’t much judgement from others when you have a pumpkin muffin with your pumpkin latte, then chasing it down with a slice of pumpkin pie!

Having ‘fat days’ isn’t noticeable when wearing bulky sweaters.  It is a vacation for the fat rolls from being sucked in all summer long.   I can embrace my  ‘fat days’ with grace! I love bulky sweaters!

Of course we have the obvious, and more beautiful thing that comes from Fall, the colors!  I love to just take in God’s splendor!

To celebrate my love for Fall, and the ability to continue doing what I love, I am putting on a Fall Special for the month of October!

Omaha Photographer

Book your family portraits session now! Spaces are limited!

See you soon!



Down Memory Lane

Going Down Memory Lane

As I am organizing and cleaning out my external hard drive, I have come across some photos that were past favorites.  I also have found some that I didn’t even know I had taken.

Going down memory lane can be emotional.

Photos of pets you loved that are now no longer with you.  Children that are talking back, when seems like yesterday they were attached to your boob.

It makes you contemplate how time flies, and makes you really want to make each moment count.

I think that is hard…making each moment count.  Especially to the tired moms out there that are doing their best to just to make it through a day.   I once said if I had the money I wouldn’t hire help.  I stay home with them, so why would I need help. I can do it all.  I cannot believe I once thought that…so naive.  I think the Stay at Home mom is who needs hired help more!  Yes, the little moments are precious, but ya know so is your sanity! Locking myself in my bathroom or closet for 5 mins just to have a moments peace (which usually that 5 mins gets interrupted by min 2.  Someone had set themselves on fire or some other emergency) is what has been titled as a mini vaca.  The potty is a mini vaca?  That’s just sad.  Just writing this piece I’ve been interrupted about 5 times. Mostly it’s tattling…I hate tattling.

I’ve been told to cherish these days because in a snap of the finger they will be gone.  My trip down memory lane is a testament to that statement.

I guess when I get aggravated (which happened a lot today) just breathe and realize soon the house will be quiet.  I’ll be wrinkly and old and looking at my golden years and think why didn’t I just cuddle them all day long?

Yep, going down memory lane can be emotional.

down memory  lane

Sophia playing in the dirt

down memory lane

Zoie cleaning a dirty Sophia

down memory lane

Lydia a year old

down memory lane

Dane at 3

down memory lane

down memory lane

down memory lane

down memory lane

down memory lane

At boerne lake. We used to take Zoie and Gracie there all the time.

down memory lane

down memory lane

down memory lane

down memory lane

Chris and Justin riding the San Antonio roads

down memory lane

down memory lane

down memory lane

down memory lane

Lydia with Chris’ dad who passed away a couple of years ago.

down memory lane

down memory lane

down memory lane

My kitty, Gus.  He was the best cat ever.

I had so many I wanted to add, but I didn’t want to overload you.  This is just a tiny bit of what I have collected over the years.  I hope you enjoyed going down memory lane as I have.