Sophia’s 2nd Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my sweet girl.  She has fulfilled me in so many ways these past 2 years.  She always keeps me laughing and always makes my heart smile.  Even when she is being her most difficult.

The first time I held her in my arms, I only said 3 words.  Thank you God.












We didn’t do a whole lot for her birthday. I made her a cake with Barney on it.

Of course, it looked so much better in my head than it actually turned out, but she loved it and I was pretty proud of myself with my fondant skills…ok Chris helped me, but still.  family effort.








She had a great day with lots of sugar and love. Turns out the toy Dane got her was her favorite. A Singing Barney. She slept with it last night, and tries to sing the song..actually she just lip syncs.

She holds him by the hands and twirls with him. It’s pretty cute.

Just woke up on her big day…Think she’s happy about getting her photograph taken?  teehee























And there you have it.

I Am Living In The Dog House

Have you ever had to eat crow?

Odds, are if you are human you have.  Ya know, the metaphotic crow.

eatcrow Well, I have recently had to eat it.

It’s pretty humiliating.

I guess I just need to come clean.


I am living in the dog house.  Seriously.  This family is outnumbered by dogs.

I recently brought in a dog who I named Pico.  Pico is a sweet Chihuahua mix who

is not neutered.  I was suppose to make sure to get him an appointment.

He has made himself at home many times.  Here he is in all his glory.


Ok so why am I eating crow?

Well, I am a huge advocate of spaying and neutering your animals.

Every animal we have has been fixed, except for Annabelle.

She is a tiny 4 lb Chihuahua, who was born with 2 hernias.

My vet, at the time wanted to wait to spay her until she was fully grown

due to fixing hernias on small dogs is like sewing tissue paper.  The

bigger they are the better.

Well, She grew up.  Time passed and I always thought ‘I’m a responsible

pet owner. My dog won’t get pregnant. I won’t let it happen!’

*eating crow now*

When Pico came into the house, he could only come in when Annabelle was put into her kennel.

Yeah, everyone understood this rule, except for my little 1 year old, whose new trick was letting the dogs

in when they wanted in.

Before you know it we are where we are today….

On December 12th at 745 am, 8:55am, 9:15am and lastly 9:30am along came 4 sweethearts!







So, there you have it.  Four Cutie Patooties!  I have no clue where the ‘cow’ look came from.  Pico is chocolate and tan

as well, with a little white.  These are black and white.

If you would like to have a puppy, they will be going to good homes only in about 8 weeks.

I will be taking applications in the next few weeks.

A Photographers Dream Vacation

A Photographers Dream Vacation

Well it’s mine anyway.

What is your favorite season?

Fall is mine.  For sure.  No Doubt about it!

One of the things I am striving for is to go to different places

and build my Nature Photography Portfolio.

Today I show you A Photographers Dream Vacation.

Fall by far for me is the most beautiful…next to spring.  Well, let’s face it…they all have their beauty.

download (1)

How can you take advantage of these great deals?

Chris bought a travel membership a year and a half ago.  Just out of the blue.

He knew one of my dreams is to travel all over the world and take photos.

He found this company, and decided to buy it.  Now we have the ability to

go to over 5,000, 3-5 star resorts world wide that are 60-90% off online


Today, I chose Vermont.


This resort is in Dover, VT and gives you an incredible savings that I share with you

in this video.  So, check it out.

Next Fall I will be shooting the beauty in Vermont.  Like I said it’s A Photographers Dream Vacation.

If you would like to know more, click here 

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Note: I did not take these photos in the post.  These were free photos I found on the net! ;)

Many Blessings!


What is Power Lead System? We explain…

What is Power Lead System?  We explain…

Just a few keys to touch on here.

What is Power Lead System?  Why you need to take a serious look into Power Lead System and  what can it do for you.

First a foremost, just get out of your head that is just another opportunity…shiny object.

Instead look at this as what it is…

A Tool!

Click here to get the run down.

Power Lead System is a tool that everyone needs to build their online business.

Let me just get it out in the open…

Power Lead System is not just for online marketers.

It is for ANYONE that is selling anything online.

Examples would be anything from personal training, bows and bonnets for kids.

Heck I don’t care if you are trying to sell dog poop.

Bad example, but you never know.  There are some weirdos out there.


Sorry, I couldn’t help it.

In this video we share why it was important to us to gain access to Power Lead System.

We know that people spend hundreds of dollars to get these tools, separately.

All these tools are housed in one area…all in Power Lead System.

The trainings that are in the back office are clean and simple to follow along.

It’s not a mad maze, where you can not figure out where to go when.

You get a free autoresponder…FREE! With a high deliverability rate.

 Tony Robbins uses this, so ya know it’s gotta be good.

Capture Pages inside Google+Hangouts!  Now you can capture the

people that are listening to your hangout.

That’s pretty cool.

So much more, but I will let my video tell it.

Getting interested?  Click here to get the details.

Questions or comments? Send it over.

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Authority Blogging. What is it and Why is it so important?

Authority Blogging. What is it and Why is it so important?

In this video I share with you why Authority Blogging is so important.

To be consistent, but to be consistent with great content.

Remember, everything you put on the net will always be out there…FOREVER!

This is your brand, your name and your legacy.

Find your niche so you can produce quality. Quality is ALWAYS above quantity.


Get yourself out there, be everywhere. You achieve this by being consistent.

Don’t just throw crap out there and in hopes you will connect with someone.

Remember, you attract how you act.

I believe Blogging is like a tree.


The Blog is the limb (it can be flimsy and messy).   The trunk is the 5 points I share in the video (sturdy, planted) , and the roots (the foundation, the life source) are the 2 Elements I share in this video.

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The First Look at the Power Lead System Back Office

The First Look at the Power Lead System Back Office


Me getting The First Look at the Power Lead System Back Office

is like the little girl that walked into an American Doll store for the first time!

Power Lead System just opened it’s doors yesterday, and wow!

We created, or I should say my husband created this video.


I think I added a few words in there in between getting myself some late night cereal.

I love late night cereal…however it doesn’t love me back.


My hips don’t lie!


Back to the first look at the Power Lead System back office

and the video that was created to help you understand what it is that is causing me to jump for joy.


Watch the video…bottom line!

This is a tool, a tool that every person needs to run their business.

Why not have a free autoresponder


everything all under one roof!


Capture Pages

Floating Pages

Text and voice broad casting

Audio and video post cards (build relationships with your people in a better way)

Capture page on Google + Hangouts



If you are still unsure what it is exactly you can click here .

That will take you to a video explaining a bit more.

We are focusing more on this being a tool and not just another opportunity.

However, the comp plan gives you 100% commissions…if that interests you.

This post is about what you see in your back office, so even if you do not have Power Lead System yet, this is still a great video to check out.

Many Blessings,


Power Lead System Lead Generation, Capture Pages, Autoresponders…OH MY!

Power Lead System Lead Generation, Capture Pages, Autoresponders…OH MY!

Lead Generation is just a tid bit of what you need for your business.  Power Lead System just isn’t for internet marketers, they are also for Brick and Mortar too.  I’m actually going to be using Power Lead System with my Photography business….SCORE!

Capture Pages…oh yuck..capture pages.  I really struggled with this for a long time.  I would try and build them, and they just didn’t turn out right.

Now, I’d like to think I am a smart girl…I didn’t have a 4.0 GPA.   Actually it was a very embarrassing GPA, but that is because I hated school and did not apply myself.  I did the absolute minimum to get by…but enough about my smarts and my ability to handle authority, that was my teachers.

I think I just drew all of you a picture of some juvenile delinquent  …I wasn’t that bad.  Oh God, please don’t let me children become me when they are teenagers!

Oh don’t laugh, haven’t we all pleaded to God that our kids won’t turn out as the little hellions we once were?

Yeah, I knew it.


In just 3 short days, Power Lead System will be launching to the public!  Power Lead System or also known as PLS, has been around since 1999, however it was used privately by people like Tony Robbins; which let’s face it, if Tony Robbins has used this for so many years, I think we should at least look at it.

So, what is Power Lead System?  PLS is a Marketing Suite that offers tools to assist either the online or offline marketer and or business the ability to attract and retain more customers and/or distributors.

The Power Lead System will also have a one of a kind comp plan called Accelerated Leverage.  Finally, regardless of whether a person buys the Power Lead system or pays the $23.97 to become an affiliate of the system they will have the ability to get the covenant Free Lead System Forever no need to buy anything at all. The power lead system is full of surprises and they are going to give the people who opt in from the start the ability receive Power Lead System bonuses that won’t be available after the doors officially open. Awesome is all we can say about the Power Lead System.

If you also wanna check it out and see what I am talking about, click here to see for yourself.

What we liked about this is, it houses Auto-reponders, email campaigns, lead capture pages, website creation, make thousands of sub domain names, floating capture pages, Email videos etc all under 1 roof!  BONUS!

So, we decided to look into and we liked what we saw.  OH, and who can argue with 100% commissions and  it has a ‘twist’ you must see.

If this is something of interest to you, click here.  That will give you all the details you may need.

Got questions?  Of course you do!  Fill this out and I will answer any questions you may have.

I thought it would be funny to create this cute little photo.


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