365Project Day 17 ~ Hi Bob. Hi Bill


Manual Mode, f8 1/25 ISO 100 28mm-135mm @ 135mm

On camera flash on a low setting.

This shot was pretty hard to get.  The wind was blowing pretty bad, so the leaves were shaking Bob and Bill all over the place.  The light was bad, so I tried the no flash first with adjusting my settings a bit, but this one has more of a dramatic feel.

I also realized that snails, do indeed move faster than I had thought.  Especially when you are trying to get the perfect shot.  Bill, on the right, was incredibly feisty.  I think he had wheels on his belly.  He was on a mission…to get away from the big lady pointing something big at him.

Bob, was a bit more shy, and maybe it was because he was trying to eat some birdseed that had fallen off of the feeder.  I wanted some color to pop, so I made sure I got the pretty flower in my shot.

I had changed my lenses 3 times.  I really wanted my 50mm for this shot, but all of them came out blurry.  I did shoot one in manual focus which didn’t turn out bad, but I liked this one best.  They ‘shook hands’ in a sense, but with their eyeballs touching each other.  So, neighborly.

I know absolutely nothing about snails, so I was waiting for an attack, leading to death or some severe maiming.  Of course, I would have broke that up instantly…well after I got a good shot, and then I would have broke them up.

Doing this 365 challenge I have realized I want a Macro lens.  This one to be exact.  My birthday is just 4 months away. *ahem*  Ouch, 4 months till I hit 37.  I sure do not feel like 37 is approaching.  That’s another rant for another day.

As I was leaving I saw Bill had run out of leaf.  I also love this shot.  Dramatic.


“Hey man,  a little help would be nice.”

365Project Day 14 ~ Spring is here…

Well, in all reality I am in South Texas, so Spring only shows up for like a week.  Since we have hit a few 90 degree temps, I’m gonna say Summer.  It’s tricky because the weather bounces from the 80’s-90’s now, so maybe it is Spring.  I dunno…it’s getting warmer which means the ungodly heat is coming soon.  Ugh, I need a summer home in Alaska!

When we moved in this house, this bush was already planted.  I remember finding out what kind of plant it was awhile ago, but now I have no clue.  I even tried to google purple flower bush in Texas, but I didn’t see it in the pictures.  Maybe I should try Bing, they have more photos right?  Of course, any kind of research I do, is never detailed.  I give myself a good 5 mins and if I don’t find what I am looking for I get bored and move on.  Or, recently I am interrupted and then lose interest.   Either way, I never found it.  If you know it give me a comment and let me know.

Butterflies love this bush!  One of the reasons I love it so much.  We almost lost it a couple of summers ago when we had that awful drought, which I think is still in place.  Luckily it came back last Fall (which is kind of our Spring).  Just within the last week it has started to bloom.  One of these mornings I will get a photo of a  butterfly on it, but that requires stalking, and I don’t get to do that right now.  Let’s face it, it takes me a good couple of hours just to get a blog post written.  You can say, Sophia makes me work.  Right now she is sitting besides me feeding Momma Dog and taking a few morsels for herself.  She’ll have shiny hair and tarter control teeth…whenever she gets those in.


AV mode, f3.2 1/160 ISO 125 70-200mm @ 70mm

I played with my white balance on this one, which was fun to see all the different shades you can get with that.

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The Easter Egg Hunt


Every year our neighborhood puts on an Easter Egg hunt for the kiddos at our neighborhood park.  I took some photos of the event.



Waiting in line for their time to go hunt


It’s Spring in Texas




A bluebonnet


“whatcha got?”



I get a scrunch face instead of a smile.


“Touch the baby, and you’ll no longer have an arm.”



Classic Sophia face


No name loves cuddles