Showing Love on National Dog Day

It seems like we have ‘holidays’ for everything now a days.  I dunno, do you think it’s getting out of hand?  What’s next?  National Poop Day?  To create awareness on ‘poop truth’?  Size, color, does it float, does it not, where did it go.  A day just for poop! Poop, Poop, Poop!

National dog day

With all silliness aside, I do have to get all giddy with National Dog Day! I have 3 wild ones to date, and love my furbabies with everything I have.  I believe it’s been going strong for 11 years, and it is to promote adoption and saving lives. Because #doglivesmatter, as well as #ALLlivesmatter.

Can you hashtag in a blog post?  I’ve never done it before, if not, forgive the faux pas.

I found a great site that went a little deeper in National Dog Day, feel free to read up on it here.

I have 3 misfits that all started out with no love, meanness and to be forgotten.  I’ll take this opportunity to share with you a little about mine, how they became part of my family. I’ll go from biggest to smallest.

Pico and Momma

Pico and Momma

First off is Momma Dog, yep, original isn’t it?

Momma has been with me since 2011.  I was a foster mommy for a few places in San Antonio, so my emails were filled with desperate pleas.  Enough to make you depressed and angry all day, if you let it. I came across this email with Momma (she didn’t even have a name) and 8 of her 5 week old pups.  They were 30 mins from walking the ‘green mile’ to their death.  I opened it, and of course it had photos! Well, that’s all it took.  I quickly text my husband if he would mind sharing his house with another dog and 8 of her puppies!  At this time, I had Zoie, Gracie and Annabelle, plus 2 or 3 cats.  I cannot remember.  You can do the math. He quickly said yes, and my fingers typed faster than they could ever type! Within the hour, Momma Dog and her babies were delivered to my house. Momma was so nervous she ran into my bedroom, and pooped on Chris’ luggage.  It was a messy poop!  Maybe that could be the date for National Poop Day!

National Dog Day

Pups inhaling their food

Soon after the lady left I quickly had to figure out what in the world I was going to do with all of them.  I actually hadn’t though that far ahead.  Luckily I had a crate to keep the puppies in, and Momma and her pups stayed in my garage.  Summer was over, so it was not a sauna in there.

My animals were not pleased with this new arrangement, but luckily my furchildren realize pretty quickly that they have to share space at times.

Hmmm, what to name this girl and her puppies.  Everytime I saw her I just called her Momma.  I would go in, and pet her and let her know she didn’t have to be afraid anymore. She had it made now.  Before I knew it, she was responding to Momma, so that’s how she got her name.

I was able to adopt all the puppies out, but Momma was a different story. She was roughly 3 when I got her, and I do not know her past.  She was scared of men and brooms.  Anything actually that was long and shaped like a broom.  She was afraid of leashes and collars, still is actually. After a year of being in the house, she finally got used to Chris, and still doesn’t like when he gets mad.  After a year, it was obvious she was ours.

Next is Pico.

This boy had me at hello.  He is a chihuahua mix and roamed our neighborhood in San Antonio.  He was the Alpha in any pack that joined him. I say that because it was like everyday he would walk down our street with different dogs in tow.  All were behind him.  He walked like he was the Fonz.  He needed a leather coat and a white t-shirt as he pranced down the street.  It took me months for him to come to me.  There was a time where I didn’t see him for a few months and thought the coyotes got him.  Then one day he came prancing over to the food I left for him in the front yard by my big tree. He had a friend with him. His friend came up to me and was was letting me love all over him. Finally, Pico came closer and closer. After about 20 mins, he was rolled over letting me scratch his tummy.

I am not sure what happened next, but he ended up being a regular at my house. I would keep him inside, but when morning came her wanted out. I would put him in the backyard, but every time he escaped. This was the routine for awhile, till he got pretty comfortable and his journeys outside were not as often or as long. He had made us his family. You can read here how he extended our family for a little bit.

Last but not least, Annabelle.

National Dog Day

She is a full blooded Chihuahua, with all the full attitude of one! I found her as I was driving down 1604 in San Antonio.  Someone had put her on top of huge electrical box.  She was not even 1 lb, and was about the size of my hand. It was Feb, and it was a cold day.  At first I thought it was a rat, but I remember thinking a rat couldn’t climb that big box.

Soon after bringing her home, my husband decided to take her to a bike shop.  It was a cold day, and she jumped out of his arms landing on her head on the sidewalk.  That evening, she began having seizures.  Many times in that one night. After her many vet visits, she was prescribed heavy duty narcotic.  She became devil dog fast! I remember an instance when she was at the vet, and the Dr. took us to the very back room. The gray door was a heavy, made of steel, it also had a small window on it.  Something like you would see in a mental ward.  To this day, I am not sure why he had us in that room.

While he turned her on her back to examine her, (now remember she is barely a pound) she starts growling, and fighting like her life depended on it. Teeth were showing, her tongue was thrashing around.  I think the vet was waiting for her head to spin around.  She was mad, to say the least. I knew then, I had misnamed her.  She should have been Xena, The Warrior Princess.

She made so much noise, people from the waiting room ,and staff members had come to the door peeking through the glass to see what was going on.  The vet told me that I may have to put her down,because this was the worst he had ever seen a dog behave from head trauma and narcotics.

This is a photo of her soon after she got better.

National Dog Day

Luckily she got better, and she is as sweet as ever. Well, to a point, she is still a mighty dog in a small body. She has no fear when it comes to things she wants to fight over. Her size has almost gotten her killed a few times.  Once, she ran out to attack 2 huge dogs in muzzles.  Thank God they were muzzled.  Maybe I need to get her one.

She is now 7 and still full of herself.

So, those three stories and many others I have about saving animals, cats and dogs alike are why I think it is so important to adopt, don’t shop! National Dog Day is a fantastic way to celebrate your dog(s).

Go ahead, give em a bone!

Happy Waggin’



God Moves


God Moves

I’ve lived in Omaha for almost a year now, and I am just getting to this post. I’ve been wanting to write it because it is such a great testimony to what God has done for me and my family.

Me and the kids usually came to Omaha for a month or sometimes the whole summer when we lived in San Antonio.  It was a great way for us to beat the heat.  I am not much for hot days with no breaks for months.  Omaha was my saving grace from a few things.

It is where old friends and parents live. When hot days existed it wouldn’t be long till it cooled off again.  Loneliness wasn’t a factor when coming back ‘home’.  I enjoyed the cool mornings sitting on the deck with my mom with hot coffee.  Chatting it up and planning where we were going to go eat that day.

The long 2 day drive by myself with 3 little ones ,and one whiny chihuahua was worth it to find the comfort I needed.  It was also one reason it took me a long time to drive back home. Driving with 3 kids solo, is not something I enjoyed, it was exhausting.

God Moves

Heading by to Texas

Last summer was the turning point for my family. We stayed the whole summer.  Leaving just in time to make it for school to start. While we were here, the house next door to my parents was for sale.  Every day, mostly many times a day, my daughter, Lydia would say “Let’s buy that house!” Of course I had to constantly remind her that it wasn’t going to happen. For a couple reasons, it was a tad out of our price range and daddy would never agree.  This conversation went on many times during the summer. It actually went as far as calling my husband, Chris telling him my parents bought us the house next door. He didn’t fall for it.

The day came to pack and head out.  Finally 2 days later we were back home!  Shortly, after returning home, I had a bad attitude.  Instead of being grateful for what I had, I focused on the wrong things. Our house was old and needed some work.  I had about all the ‘broken things’ I could handle. I prayed many times asking Him to help me in some way.  It wasn’t long after that, that I got bolder in my prayers. I knew to always thank God for what I had, and I did that along with asking Him to move us to Omaha.

It was the beginning of September, my mom called me and told me that the house next door went off the market.  I was a bit sad.  I knew that there was no way we could buy a house in the state our finances were in.  After I got sick the first time (2012), it nearly bankrupted us, so saying money was tight was an over statement.

Then my mom went on to tell me that my dad walked over to ask the owner if he had considered renting.  Tim had mentioned that he and his wife were actually in the process of dealing with applications. I am not sure, but I think I remember my mom telling me this was it, and try and get Chris on board with moving.

The problem, they wanted renters in by Oct 1st.  It was already the end of the first week of September at this point.  Ignoring the little voice in my head saying “whatever, you can never get him to agree”, “you can’t afford this”, “you’re dreaming” “it is too good to be true and you don’t deserve this”.  I ran to the office and told Chris about the house up for rent and asked his thoughts.  Of course, there wasn’t much positive coming out of his mouth, except for “yeah ok”, and that was sarcastic.

I am not really sure what happened for a few days, but I ended up telling a dear friend of mine about selling the house.  She told me her husband had just recently started flipping homes. She was going to talk to him.  I got excited! I ended up then going a bit further. I talked to a realtor friend of mine.

The thing with our house was, it was in a prime location on almost an acre!  It was in an older neighborhood, and hidden in the trees.  It super close to everything.  Six Flags was merely a mile away! Awesome shopping to places like Nordstroms, Neimen Marcus, Tiffany’s and other amazing places I barely went to.  Well, I did go into Neimen Marcus once to just breath in the riches, when my 2 year old, Lydia had a complete meltdown in the store.  I was asked to get her to calm down or leave.  With my tail between my legs, we walked out and went to Walmart.

The location was our saving grace.

A few days passed, and my good friend phoned me and said her husband and business partner were coming over to look at the house. At this point, I am not even sure I told Chris all of this stuff. I mean, I barely believed it had gone this far.  From that moment, I knew we were meant to be in Omaha. I knew God was moving.

I believe a couple days more passed and they made another visit, and an offer! We sold our house in 3 days, without it going on the market. Chris did know at this point, we were moving. He had mixed feelings, but I was over the moon.

It was a cash buyer, so we closed in 3 weeks!

The buyers still had a few days to cancel the sale, so I went in my room many times a day praying, and claiming that house was ours. Then we were given 3 days I believe to pack and move. Three days! Who does this in 3 days?  Luckily, I had already begun packing some things, so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but still bad. We had also sold a few things, so that helped with money, and not hauling everything up here.

I had to try and find a home for one of my dogs, which was almost more than I could handle. Omaha is a bit different here than in San Antonio.  They have some pretty strict animal police. In Omaha, you can only have 3 dogs in a household.  I had 4.  So, who would I chose to stay behind.  A friend mentioned, it was like Sophie’s Choice.  Boy was it! How can you do that?  I had sought out friends to help.  Momma was the pick to stay behind because she hated collars, leashes, and would never even go for walks. So how in the world was I suppose to get her to go potty on the long drive?  I prayed hard for this as well. I decided to walk by faith and bring her. I knew God would help, and boy did He ever. She did so awesome! She was very stressed out, but she handled it so well.

So, how do I get by with that stupid Omaha rule?  My parents offer to take in one of my dogs.  We took Cleo and Momma over to her house, and Cleo was the one who got along better with her other dog.  So, Cleo stays with my parents, and I get to see her everyday!

What could go wrong when you are moving out of state?  Oh man, were we hit with some doozies.

We hadn’t sold our Rainbow Playground yet.  We had many people look at it, a buyer fell through, and everyone wants everything for nothing. It was only a few months old worth a lot. I prayed that we would get a certain amount out of it, two days before we move, it sold with the offer we asked!

Rainbow Playground

In the process of moving, we lost one of my cats, Rupee.  He was not an outside cat, and only went out when I was on the porch with him. He did not like being out without anyone.  I was surprised to find that he got out when we were moving the big furniture.  I looked for him for a long time, but could never find him. It was heartbreaking for me! I’m really hoping he found a great home.

The night before we are suppose to leave, Dane gets a tummy bug. He’s up all night doing the two P’s (pukin’ and poopin’) It was awful for him.  Needless to say none of us got much sleep.

As Chris is loading up the finishing things on the truck (we have to be out that morning), I run to get coffee and a few errands. As I return home, my van breaks down! We have to be out of the house that day, and my van breaks down. At this point I was chuggin’ my coffee and laughing.  I was laughing at all the crap the devil was trying to throw at us. He was not stealing my joy or God’s plans.  So, after talking to a mechanic and reading forums on what it could be, it looked like a major repair with days before we could get it back.  What do you do?  Head to Carmax and buy a new van.

Finally, making it to our new home, Omaha.

Chris getting a run down on how to drive the Behemoth

Chris getting a run down on how to drive the Behemoth

Cleo and Momma in kennels under Annabelle.

Cleo and Momma in kennels under Annabelle.

After all that was said and done, no one can convince me there isn’t a God.  It doesn’t happen often that a house, that needs work, sells in 3 days without it going on the market. Which, by the way, was the amount of time I asked God to find us an owner, and the price we needed to cover costs.





One Year Already?!?

As a parent, you are aware of how slow the nights go, but how fast the years go.

It’s pretty unfair if you ask me.

I have to say, I LOVE repeat clients!  So, you can guess how eager I was to shoot Alessio’s milestone…his 1 year photos!

Some of you may have remember my first session with the Terraza’s Family.  It was Candice’s maternity shoot.


Then came Alessio




It brings us to now…1 year later






As always, it was an honor to work with your family, Candice!

365Project Day 66 and 67 ~ Beauty and the Beast

I think I have just come to the realization that the weekends are just gonna have to be a combo post.

 Our weekends are usually full so editing photos and posting seems to be too much to do…otherwise it would be done.

Here is my beauty.  This is her playful ‘I’m gonna act like I don’t want my photo done, but I really do.”


AV, f5.6 1/125 ISO 500 28-135mm @ 85mm

This is my Beast.  Not that he is beastlike in appearance, but he is beastlike in his physical ability.

Chris is racing the University Oaks Crit.

Here he is (the 3rd one) in the breakaway from the pack.  He ended up getting 2nd place.


TV mode, f5.6 1/2500 ISO 400 28-135mm @ 135mm

12 years of marriage?

Where has the time gone?  I dunno.  It seems like not ago we were getting married at The Little Wedding Chapel  in San Antonio.  I was 23 and Chris was 31.  Twelve years ago we were living in a one bedroom apartment with 4 pets and 1 car.  Now we are in a house, 2 cars, 3 kids (6, 3 and 1 month old), and 8 pets.  We have managed to build a life together that has it moments of bliss along with frustration.  I’ve always said marriage is hard, and I believe that.  However, anything worth doing is not easy.  We also have had and continue to have some laughs.

We had a very quiet Anniversary.  Chris raced that morning. (yeah I let him race on our anni because  I am cool like that!) Actually, it was not a long race and it was in town.  🙂  Then after that we met downtown at the Blue Star Brewery and had a great lunch and then walked the riverwalk.  The kids came along and enjoyed sharing our big day as well.  I toted my camera along and got some shots, that of course I will be sharing.

Happy 12 years honey!

Lydia’s bangs are a result of a hair cut, courtesy of “Barber Dane”


Who can spit out the most milk?  I took a quick picture before reprimanding…lol

Enjoying the fresh air

A bee on a Mountain Laurel

“Follow me”

The last one to fall

My sweetheart

The Tower of Americas