365Project Day 74 This is what I think the clouds in Heaven look like ~ Day 75 Daddy’s Girl

This is what I picture clouds to be like in Heaven.  If I had any say so, we could eat them, and they would taste like that too!

It’s homemade whipped cream.  Instead of adding Vanilla Extract, I used Almond.

It was delish!


This is the epitome of a Daddy’s Girl!

She loves him so much, and I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual. 🙂IMG_3621ed


Can never show my face in HEB again

Happy Mother’s Day!!!  Was one of the phrases I got woke up to this morning.  The perfect start to a lazy Sunday.  My plans for the day were to start working on pictures for a couple of hours, grocery store and then a fun outing with the kids.  Who knew that major chaos was soon approaching…

I worked on pictures for about an hour before having a set back which put my work at a stand still.  I took it as a sign to just get ready and head to HEB.  I usually wait to go to the store when I do not have the kids, or Chris gladly goes for me.  Since these were not options for me, I had to get there today…I ran out of coffee this morning.  As soon as we got the cart, Miss Lydia has a complete tantrum because I had to get the big cart and not one of the smaller ones.  She screams bloody murder as we walk in.  The store was packed.  You couldn’t move a few feet without bumping into someone.  I pull us over and explained to her that the little one was not an option and I needed a lot of help to push the big one.  I told her though, if you scream and cry you aren’t much help to me and you are not behaving the way little girls need to behave.  She saw the importance of helping me push the big cart so she stopped and went to the cart.  Of course, Dane already had his hands on the handle and she flipped!  Throws herself to the floor, but not before smacking the crap out of Dane’s head.  People are staring and I have reached total embarrassment.  After grabbing her and putting her in the cart, I explain she cannot come out until the screaming and crying is over.  I go into a few other things like sharing the pushing responsibilities, but I’m not going into all that.  She stops pretty quick and after a promise of sharing the pushing duty I let her out.  The way this all works, and most of you mommies and daddies can agree with me.  When you have one under control the next one is sure to make up for it.

Dane, who is 5, is acting like a 2 year old in the store.  My tolerance for him misbehaving is a lot shorter because he knows and can control his emotions more than a 3 year old.  By the time number 2 acts up I am pretty emotionally drained.  He starts acting like a wild monkey.  Running, screaming, smacking Lydia as he passes her, which then gets her running, screaming and then going for her revenge.  After that moment it was all a blur.  After the major incident of him really acting out, I react differently than calm and collected.  I didn’t spank him, but I got his attention.  He of course screamed as loud as he could and cried and threw himself on the floor blocking peoples way.  I was too embarrassed to look at people’s faces.  I’m not sure if they thought I was the meanest mom in the world or if they had pitty on me.  I was hoping for the latter.   I considered leaving the store right then and there, but my house was bare.  Oh, and did I mention I ran out of coffee for the morning?    There is no way I could wait for Chris, so I had to finish the job. Instead, I starred at the muffin and cakes mixes and my kids were sitting in time out in the aisle.  Usually I don’t do this when it’s this crowded, but it had to be done.  Like I said, I starred at the muffin mixes and just started to cry.

As I’m coming across the wine section, I pull in the aisle.  Looking for my favorite wine to chill with tonight.  Ahhh, I found it!  AS I am grabbing it, the man stocking the wine bottles he tells me that I cannot buy this till noon.  I look at him with tears starting to well up my eyes, and I responded back with a “but you have no idea what I have been through this morning!  I cannot come back with my kids, I may leave them here if I do.”  Not sure if kidding with the man was really the way to go, but he had disapproval on his face.  It was my crappy attempt to try and find humor in a stressful situation.  I don’t think he got my sense of humor. ..

Finally it’s checkout time and my kids have the audacity to ask me for toys, buddy bucks, chocolate, balloons anything they could see in the lane.  We make it through checkout in a reasonable fashion, the man who was bagging my stuff looks into my eyes and his focus was intense.  I probably was “the one to look out for” by security and he knew it.  At least that was what was going through my mind when I saw the way he was looking at me.  I smiled and said no thanks I got it.

As I am driving out of the parking lot I realize one crucial thing.  I FORGOT MY FREAKING COFFEE!!!  Dane responded with “well it’s not like we can’t go back and get it.”  Yeah right, I cannot show my face in HEB again.

Easter at the Aarhus’

Not a very fancy Easter, but we made it to church and then had a great lunch.  When we got home the Easter Bunny, aka Momma, hid the eggs outside for the Easter Egg hunt.  They had a great time and found all the eggs….I think.  I lost count at some point, but pretty sure they are all accounted for.  Yesterday I took some pics of the kids with the neighbors bunny Ra Ra, but getting my kids to actually pose for photos is difficult to say the least.  I got lucky today with pictures and the kids.  They were in a very goofy mood, so it was a lot of fun.

Lydia’s 1st Birthday

As most of you know we had Lydia’s 1st birthday on March 5th.  We had all kinds of family in town just for the event.  My granny and granddaddy flew down, along with my aunt Judy on the 1st of March.  Then my aunt Beverly and my cousin Brooke flew in on the 3rd, which was delayed a day due to bad winter storms.  Then my parents drove in on the 2nd.  We had a full house, but it was a lot of fun.  

Lydia had on her special birthday dress.  It was a beautiful white dress with light blue sash under the bodice with cute little blue dots all over it.  That morning we all got ready and met up at the hotel where most of my family was staying at.  We headed to the Riverwalk for lunch and to show the out of towners the beauty of San Antonio.  My granny had recently had hip surgery, so getting around for her was a bit hard.  I was able to find a wheelchair rental place 2 blocks from the Riverwalk.  My dad and I went and got it then we all headed towards the Hyatt, which has easy access to the Riverwalk.  Unfortunatly, when we were getting to the Hyatt, my granddaddy didn’t see that the sidewalk came to an end and lost his footing.  Down he went.  He hit his hip, shoulder and then his head right on the pavement.  We were all a bit frantic, in hopes he didn’t break anything.  Luckily, he was able to get up and nothing was broken.  We wondered if we should just cancel the Riverwalk tour and head home, but he said he was fine and was ready to eat. 🙂  

After we ate and sat around and talked it was close to nap times.  So, we headed back to the cars, but not before we headed to the Alamo for some picture taking.  It turned out to be a great afternoon.  After we got to the cars we decided everyone that had a room at the hotel just go back rest up and come back to my house at 5pm for some burgers, birthday cake and presents!  

I prepared hamburgers that night, and my dad did the grilling.  Everyone seemed to enjoy them.  Lydia opened her presents and had fun with the cake.  Saying she loved the cake is kind of an understatement.  Dane was having a great time helping her with her big day.  He wanted a piece of her cake and we told him to stick his fingers in it.  He tried, but Lydia was sure to push him away the minute he got close to her cake.  It was pretty comical.  

She had a great day and was such a champ.  She even had a small fever, which I think was due to her teething.  She had a great day, and loved meeting her family.  

Thanks to everyone who came out.  I had a great time seeing everyone again.


Here are some pictures of Lydia on her birthday, Downtown touring, Dane having fun with the funny mirror, and Granny and Lydia








Playing catch up

Ok, lets play a bit of catch up.

For Christmas we went back to Omaha to spend with my family and Chris’ family.  It was a great time and we enjoyed it so much.  It was packed with family festivities.  The drive there and back was uneventful, thank goodness.  The weather there was pretty brutal.  I think the warmest it was, was  in the low 30’s, and I think that lasted a day.  All the other days were very windy and very cold.  A huge change from the winters we have in San Antonio.

We were spoiled yet again with the generosity of our families.  To the great meals, hosted parties, and the wonderful gifts we were constantly reminded of how wonderful everyone is.   When the trip ended, my parents ended up gaining another animal.  Thanks to me. 🙂  They ended up taking my brother-in-law and sister-in-law’s Chihuahua, Spaz.  They no longer had time for him and was wanting to rehome him, so I of course came to the rescue.  Which, if you all know me, I pretty much brought and left every animal my parents have from just a few months ago to 15 years ago.  We were planning on bringing Spaz home with us and finding him a new home, but my parents ended up falling in love with him and kept him for their very own.  They renamed him Pancho Villa.  He has really turned out to be a HUGE sweetheart and such a great dog.  He gets along well with the cats and their Doberman, Molly.  He has taken a real shine to my dad.  I mentioned to my dad that I was going to buy him a camouflaged printed doggie purse.  He didn’t care for my offer. 🙂

We headed home shortly after Christmas and celebrated the New Year here at home.  We went to a friends house with the kids.  We played some games and ate.  Out of all the kids that were there, our kids made it to midnight and cheered with us as the ball dropped.  It was a great time, and Lydia’s 1st New Year .

On New Year’s Day I ended up getting sick and that’s where I left you last time.  If you hadn’t read my last post, you can get the scoop there.

Here are some pictures of us

This was New Years Eve taking a self shot with Chris’ phone


In the van about to get out to brave the cold Omaha weather


My brother-in-law Steve holding Lydia


My sister-in-law Jeanne, me and my mother-in-law Marlene