365Project Day 50 ~ Mean Parents

Learning to ride a bicycle, somehow turned into us being mean parents.

Lydia had been wanting to learn to ride her big bike for awhile.  In the beginning she was laughing and having fun.  The minute I come out with my camera, she decided to scream.  She screams loud enough for neighbors to come check out what’s happening.

I picked this photo because I loved both of their expressions.


This one is a stinker, and after this photo she got off and asked if I would play ‘family’ with her.  So we had a picnic on the driveway and talked about the life of rollie pollies.

I am gonna miss her like crazy when she goes to kindergarten this Fall.

This photo was done in Manual mode, f9 1/40 ISO 200 28-135mm @ 41mm

In Photoshop I just cropped it a bit and turned it into a black and white.

365Project Day 20 ~ Caption This

It’s no secret, but when it comes to captioning photos, I lack creative suaveness.   So, give it a go and caption this photo below .  Hey, looky there! I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it! *insert laughter here*

(Ok enough corniness)

Coming back to this….

I would love to see what comments you all come up with.


Manual f4.5 1/60 ISO 1600 10-24mm@24mm

Added a french blue haze in photoshop

When we rescued Cleo she has been previously abused, so we are very careful when it comes to the kids and her.  She really enjoys the older two, and not really sure how what to make of Sophia.

Cleo has shared her kennel with an intrusive baby, and she also allowed Sophia to hand feed her.  So, I really do not see her being harmful to Sophia.  Nonetheless, we are still careful.

Finally, Cleo started to come and lay next to me by my desk (usually she chooses to stay in her open kennel).  Sophia started to reach for Cleo’s face.  Cleo is infamous about giving kisses.  This is actually what this shot was in the middle of.  Except right after I clicked the shutter she tried to grab her tongue.

Cleo got back at Sophia and ate that very pacifier that she has in her mouth moments after this photograph was taken.  Cleo is a stealth dog.  She moves so quietly and steals toy, paci’s anything that is on the ground for her chewing enjoyment.

We are now down to 1 paci…once again.

I better go as I hear the kids complaining that “Sophia stinks!”

The morning pooper has commenced her duty or doodie.  However you wanna go with that.

365Project Day 9 ~ One for Me and One for You

This is a very common scene in my house.


f3.5 1/60 ISO 400 50mm.

A little photoshop magic and this is the end result.

Sophia loves to feed Momma Dog  her breakfast.  Luckily Momma takes it with stride and doesn’t even mind sharing, with her human friends.  Unfortunately, Sophia loves to eat it too.  It is a daily battle to get her to stop.  Sometimes she stuffs so many in her mouth it looks like she is storing for winter!

I’ve almost given up, I mean, I ate Meow Mix when I was little and I turned out just fine *twitching*.   At least this diet is grain free, corn free, no animal bi products…etc.  It has to be better than what was in Meow Mix.

365Project Day 8~ Getting Ready for Kindergarten

While Lydia worked on her workbook, I saw a photo opp.  I killed 2 birds with 1 stone.  Luckily she enjoys school work, and has fun with it.  Unfortunately if anything that DOES NOT involve coloring, she has to do the work first, and then I let her color whatever she wants to color on that page.

This was a quick shoot as I was working with her.  I didn’t spend any creative time with this shot, I shot in AV and let it do it’s thing.


Shot in Aperture mode, f3.5 1/30 ISO 400 at 28mm.

Bounced flash toward ceiling and changed my white balance to Florescent to get rid of so much yellow in my kitchen.

In Post Processing, I brightened her eyes and used one of my photoshop actions.

365project, Day 1


Never thought of that word to be a nasty word before, but for some reason it’s harder for me to commit anymore.  I mean, I did the hardest form of commitment like marriage and having kids.  So, why is it hard to commit to doing this or to stop eating sugar?

I am going to try and post a new photo everyday of random things.  Stuff  I like, find beauty in or even weird off the wall things.  Why?  It’s not like I am not busy enough.  I feel like I have put my photography off since I was pregnant with Sophia, and now it is time to enjoy it again.  Really enjoy it.  I need to find my creative flow once more, and hope this brings it out.

This shot is the last of my Easter candy, they last I allowed myself to have.  Yes, I am eating sugar again.  :/  After being in Omaha, traveling, then Easter, my eating habits derailed.  I told my husband when he shopped for the candy that my only ‘have to have’ candy was the Cadbury Creme Eggs.  I fought hard for these little boogers.  I told him if he did not bring me 2 of them, to not even bothering coming back home.  So, what does he do?  He brings me a package of small ones.  I’m not sure why he didn’t bring me the big ones.  I like the bigger ones better.  I can savor them longer.  The smaller ones are done in one bite.  Oh well, not gonna complain.  He did save me the trip to the store for all the Easter goodies.

This photo was taken in natural light and in manual with my 50mm at 1/250 1.8 and an ISO of 200.  The only photoshop I did was to watermark it.


I’m drooling again!