365Project Day 26 ~ Race Day/ Day 27 ~ Super Mad

Since I was gone pretty much all weekend, this is a 2 fer 1.

Day 26 ~ Race Day


Chris racing Marble Falls Triathlon.

You could do a Sprint (.47 mile swim, 12 mile bike, 3.1 mile run),

Olympic (.93 Mile swim, 24.8 mile bike, 6.2 mile run)

 Half Ironman (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run)


  Full Ironman distance (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run).

Chris did the Full Ironman distance.

I actually shot this in automatic because we were next to the road and I had a roaming baby.  So, this is the epitome of point and shoot.

This was his first 4 miles of the 26.2 mile run.  I saw him coming in on the bike and he was not feeling it.  The course was brutal.  Seeing all the ‘halfers’ coming in I thought they were gonna die.  Many were drenched in sweat and tears.  SOme scrapped up from their bike portion.

That course was practically all hills.  Chris described it as many mins climbing hills, a few seconds going down, and then going back up.  There wasn’t ever a flat section to recover from the last hill.

He never went to bed the night before (getting his bike ready, then he left at 3am to get to the race on time), so he said he was falling asleep on the bike.

He contemplating about quitting once the bike was over.  If you know Chris you know this is just not the norm for him.  I knew something was wrong when I saw him coming in from his bike.  He stopped to chat with me for a few mins.  The last 60 miles were a mental game for him.  His mind was done.  He went ahead and pushed through, and once he started the run, he felt a lot better.

After all of that and some very half ass training, he placed 4th overall and 1st in his age group.  I cannot remember his winning time, but I am sure he will be blogging about that soon.

From the spectator side it was not fun for us.  Granted I had a very grumpy Lydia and Sophia was wanting to chase the runners down as they passed us.  Dane was the only one who did not give me any trouble.

The traffic was horrible.  It was down to 1 lane for the race, and it was stop and go for miles.  I think it took us 30 mins to go 5 miles.  Our A/C went out on our van back in December.  We let that go for awhile because we didn’t need it.  I needed it Saturday.  The humidity was bad, so standing still in a car with 3 kids fussing was not my idea of fun.

I had to pee like you wouldn’t believe.  There was no where to stop.  Sitting in traffic, I’m dancing in my seat like crazy.  Dane tells me to just go in the bushes.  I came so close, but I would have had a large audience.  I considered it though..

Finally I see an Exon, 4 miles from the start.  Relief at last!  I decided to just stay there and watch the racers pass us.  I was not going to get back in that traffic.

Here are some photos of that day.











DAY 27 ~ Super Mad!


I left the house with my camera in tow, unfortunately  I did not listen to the little voice inside my head to charge it.  UGH!  Dead battery…couldn’t even get one photo.

That’s why this is called Super Mad.

Sunday we went back to Marble Falls for awards and watched a Kids Triathlon.  The kids played in the lake, played on playground, saw some awesome wild flowers.  Everywhere I looked I was reminded that my camera was out of commission.  I would get mad every single time.  I couldn’t believe I did that!

That being said, I did take a photo with my phone.  This was the start of the kids tri.  Lydia is watching, Dane was somewhere and Sophia kept trying to get out Chris’ arms and go swimming on her own.

So, there you have it.  2 fer 1


365Project Day 13 ~ The Lilly Circle


AV mode, f4.5 1/60 70-200mm@70mm

No post processing

My Lilly’s bloomed last month, and always find the seed pods just as interesting.  My plan is to have the kids take a seed and plant them.  They can keep track of their own flower, and get to watch it in the process.  Great gardening fun for the kids.

Can never show my face in HEB again

Happy Mother’s Day!!!  Was one of the phrases I got woke up to this morning.  The perfect start to a lazy Sunday.  My plans for the day were to start working on pictures for a couple of hours, grocery store and then a fun outing with the kids.  Who knew that major chaos was soon approaching…

I worked on pictures for about an hour before having a set back which put my work at a stand still.  I took it as a sign to just get ready and head to HEB.  I usually wait to go to the store when I do not have the kids, or Chris gladly goes for me.  Since these were not options for me, I had to get there today…I ran out of coffee this morning.  As soon as we got the cart, Miss Lydia has a complete tantrum because I had to get the big cart and not one of the smaller ones.  She screams bloody murder as we walk in.  The store was packed.  You couldn’t move a few feet without bumping into someone.  I pull us over and explained to her that the little one was not an option and I needed a lot of help to push the big one.  I told her though, if you scream and cry you aren’t much help to me and you are not behaving the way little girls need to behave.  She saw the importance of helping me push the big cart so she stopped and went to the cart.  Of course, Dane already had his hands on the handle and she flipped!  Throws herself to the floor, but not before smacking the crap out of Dane’s head.  People are staring and I have reached total embarrassment.  After grabbing her and putting her in the cart, I explain she cannot come out until the screaming and crying is over.  I go into a few other things like sharing the pushing responsibilities, but I’m not going into all that.  She stops pretty quick and after a promise of sharing the pushing duty I let her out.  The way this all works, and most of you mommies and daddies can agree with me.  When you have one under control the next one is sure to make up for it.

Dane, who is 5, is acting like a 2 year old in the store.  My tolerance for him misbehaving is a lot shorter because he knows and can control his emotions more than a 3 year old.  By the time number 2 acts up I am pretty emotionally drained.  He starts acting like a wild monkey.  Running, screaming, smacking Lydia as he passes her, which then gets her running, screaming and then going for her revenge.  After that moment it was all a blur.  After the major incident of him really acting out, I react differently than calm and collected.  I didn’t spank him, but I got his attention.  He of course screamed as loud as he could and cried and threw himself on the floor blocking peoples way.  I was too embarrassed to look at people’s faces.  I’m not sure if they thought I was the meanest mom in the world or if they had pitty on me.  I was hoping for the latter.   I considered leaving the store right then and there, but my house was bare.  Oh, and did I mention I ran out of coffee for the morning?    There is no way I could wait for Chris, so I had to finish the job. Instead, I starred at the muffin and cakes mixes and my kids were sitting in time out in the aisle.  Usually I don’t do this when it’s this crowded, but it had to be done.  Like I said, I starred at the muffin mixes and just started to cry.

As I’m coming across the wine section, I pull in the aisle.  Looking for my favorite wine to chill with tonight.  Ahhh, I found it!  AS I am grabbing it, the man stocking the wine bottles he tells me that I cannot buy this till noon.  I look at him with tears starting to well up my eyes, and I responded back with a “but you have no idea what I have been through this morning!  I cannot come back with my kids, I may leave them here if I do.”  Not sure if kidding with the man was really the way to go, but he had disapproval on his face.  It was my crappy attempt to try and find humor in a stressful situation.  I don’t think he got my sense of humor. ..

Finally it’s checkout time and my kids have the audacity to ask me for toys, buddy bucks, chocolate, balloons anything they could see in the lane.  We make it through checkout in a reasonable fashion, the man who was bagging my stuff looks into my eyes and his focus was intense.  I probably was “the one to look out for” by security and he knew it.  At least that was what was going through my mind when I saw the way he was looking at me.  I smiled and said no thanks I got it.

As I am driving out of the parking lot I realize one crucial thing.  I FORGOT MY FREAKING COFFEE!!!  Dane responded with “well it’s not like we can’t go back and get it.”  Yeah right, I cannot show my face in HEB again.