365Project Day 51 ~ Sometimes Life Isn’t Pretty

Sometimes life isn’t pretty.

I was going to post the photo of Sophia in all her cuteness, for my photo of the day.  Until…we were heading out the front door to go to school.  Dane spots a scorpion that was squished one day when the door closed on him.   It was trying to get into my house.

Now, I have respect for all living things. I teach my kids to have the same respect.  All creatures serve purposes.  I just don’t really know what purpose scorpions serve.  They’re creepy looking and they are vicious. We don’t kill spiders, we set them free outside.  Chris even catches flies with his bare hands and lets them go outside.  I know we fly our freak flag a lot.


Scorpions are a different story.  No one in this family has ever been stung by one, and God forbid that ever happen.  I’ve heard it’s brutal!  We actually have a scorpion container called ‘The Chamber’.  It’s bleach and water.  When we capture them, they go into The Chamber.  A horrible death, really.  I’ve heard that if you squish a scorpion, you could spray their unborn eggs everywhere.  Wait, maybe that’s a roach.  That being said though, I do not want my kids to experience a sting or my animals.

It is scorpion season, and I actually do not put a top sheet on my bed, just for this reason.  I have my bottom sheet and a down comforter.  When I go to bed a night, I pick that sucker up and check.  I do this with the kids’ beds as well.

It’s time for a call to the pest guys.  I tolerate a lot, but ticks, fleas and scorpions are on my enemy list.

So, without further delay.  Here is Squishy.  No, I didn’t give him a song.  I don’t like him enough to give him a song.


AV mode, f5.6 1/60 ISO 200 28-135mm @ 135mm

365Project Day 50 ~ Mean Parents

Learning to ride a bicycle, somehow turned into us being mean parents.

Lydia had been wanting to learn to ride her big bike for awhile.  In the beginning she was laughing and having fun.  The minute I come out with my camera, she decided to scream.  She screams loud enough for neighbors to come check out what’s happening.

I picked this photo because I loved both of their expressions.


This one is a stinker, and after this photo she got off and asked if I would play ‘family’ with her.  So we had a picnic on the driveway and talked about the life of rollie pollies.

I am gonna miss her like crazy when she goes to kindergarten this Fall.

This photo was done in Manual mode, f9 1/40 ISO 200 28-135mm @ 41mm

In Photoshop I just cropped it a bit and turned it into a black and white.

365Project Day 49 ~ Knock Knock

I found this little critter the other day, and finally saw him peeking through his front door this morning.


He’s built an impressive web, and I was pleased to hear that Chris mowed around him the other day.

We like spiders…as long as they stay in their element.  I don’t want this guy in my bed, but outside eating bad bugs…power on big, scary and hairy guy!

Manual, f9, 1/40 ISO 320, 70-200mm @ 200mm

He would be more impressive if I had my macro lens, but he is still handsome…in his own right.

365Project Day 48 ~ Pink and Sparkly!

I am not usually the souvenir type.  Buying overpriced things just seems like hype to me.  That being said, whenever you go on a trip without the kids, you HAVE to bring them back something.



When we were walking the strip we went into a little shop.  We found a couple of cute stuffed monkeys that had magnets in their hands and feet.  My kids love magnets and they like stuffed animals.  A total win win!

As I was checking out I saw something pink and sparkly out the corner of my eye.  It was an overpriced travel coffee mug.  I went ahead and justified the purchase with 2 key points:

  1. I drink and drive (coffee that is)
  2. It’s PINK and SPARKLY!

How could pink and sparkly WITH coffee NOT put you in a good mood?


Swipe…went the card.

I can so easily be bought when things are pink and sparkly.


Cute huh?

The cat was another souvenir I justified when I went to Culebra, Puerto Rico in 2011.  I love that cat!

I found it fitting that the only 2 souvenirs I have, were on my desk.

I was a bit lazy this morning.  My flash was all the way on the other side of the room, so I decided to up my ISO instead of grabbing my flash.  I think it’s good to not rely on flash all the time.

It’s funny how justification works, huh? Actually, Culebra wasn’t really expensive.  I loved Puerto Rico!

I played with my settings and the lamp on my desk for lighting.  I think it worked, but that is why it has a little noise in the photo

Manual, f3.2 1/80 ISO 1250 50mm

Happy Shooting!

365Project Day 47 ~ Reunited

I wasn’t sure if I would be able to pick up my kid from school or not today.  Our plane was delayed.  I made it home 20 mins before school was out, so I was able to surprise him.


I was hiding behind the camera, so this was the look I got when he was told his mom was there.


IMG_1809edThose baby blues melt my heart.

AV  f8 1/250 28-135mm @ 85mm  ISO 100

I lightened up his face a bit as it was a bit dark due to the awning.

365Project Day 43 ~ It’s a Girl Thing

Hoochie Momma shoes and a great pedicure, makes me happy!

Ready for Vegas!



Wearing Steve Madden heels with Pompei Purple OPI nail polish.  A perfect pair!

AV, f13 1/40 ISO 400 28-135mm @ 135 mm


365Project Day 32 ~ Jungle Cat

This is Rupee.

Rupee likes to pretend he is a Jungle Cat.

In reality, he is a Scaredy Cat.

He only goes a few feet in our backyard.  If he is outside and the backdoor closes he is practically clawing and chewing his way back in like the Alien clawing out of one’s stomach!


AV Mode f5.6 1/125 ISO 200 75-200mm @ 151mm

My sweet Rupee.

365Project Day 24 ~ What Do You See?

This is one of my cats, Rupee.  Is he yawning or laughing?  What do you see?


This is a very quick post as I have a very unhappy and needy 1 year old.  Yay, for teething.  :/

Manual f2.2 I/60 ISO 250 50mm

The shoot was very quick.  I didn’t play with the numbers.  I did what needed to be done, then shot the photo.

365Project Day 23 ~ Mouth Watering

IMG_1128edAV, f3.2 1/20 ISO 250 50mm

This is what I have for breakfast everyday.  I mix it up a bit, but this is pretty much it.  I love it!

My recipe is:

coconut milk


handful of cranberries

handful of blueberries

and 3 scoops of my pea protein

Hit on the Vitamix and wala!  A good breakfast!