365Project Day 70-72 ~ Blooms, Baby and Bugs (well, snail, but snail doesn’t start with a “B”)

My Crepe Myrtle is blooming again.  I thought it was dead, but with all this rain we have been having, it has bloomed up a bit.




Playing in the rain!

IMG_2594edHow many bugs can you see?

365Project Day22 ~ Teeny Tiny Tippy Toes

A weakness of mine….baby feet.


Manual f4 1/60 ISO 1600 50mm

Today I was playing with high an ISO for the exposure I wanted to get.  I was happy with the results.  There isn’t a lot of noise, so I am still liking the effect.

In post processing, I cleaned up her feet a bit.  A little bit of fur with some dirt wouldn’t make for a pretty picture.

365Project Day 7 ~ “What? The dog isn’t furniture?”

I love how Sophia loves to make furniture out of the dogs.  She used to love doing that with Zoie.  Zoie was never pleased though.  I think she just wasn’t feeling much like being used as a chaise or a jungle gym.

You will have to excuse my paint on the wall and the window sill.  At times when Gracie was asleep by the window she would be on her back while dreaming of chasing things.  Her feet always scraped the wall.  I need to get more paint, but in one of my dumb moments, I forgot to keep the paint can or the label.  So, now I have no clue what color that is.

Oh well.  Live and learn.


f22 1/60 ISO 400 50 mm