365Project Day 74 This is what I think the clouds in Heaven look like ~ Day 75 Daddy’s Girl

This is what I picture clouds to be like in Heaven.  If I had any say so, we could eat them, and they would taste like that too!

It’s homemade whipped cream.  Instead of adding Vanilla Extract, I used Almond.

It was delish!


This is the epitome of a Daddy’s Girl!

She loves him so much, and I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual. 🙂IMG_3621ed


365Project Day 63 ~ A Whole Lotta Drama!

The past few days have been challenging.

My Sophia Skye is fighting a virus plus cutting teeth!

A whole lotta drama is acceptable right now.

This is her in middle of a screaming fit.  When I try and comfort her, she runs away.

And does this….


As miserable as she is, she is still such a cutie.

AV Mode, f 5.6 1/125 ISO 100 28-135mm @ 135mm

365Project Day 62 ~ We Have a Peeping Tom!

Lydia named him Squirrelly.  He was watching her color from the kitchen window.

I didn’t want him to leave, so I shot through the glass.  I am AMAZED how you can’t see how dirty my window was…ok, still is.  I hadn’t cleaned it.   Window washing is not on my ‘favorites list’.  Oh who am I kidding?  Nothing that deals with cleaning is on my favorites list.  Food is on my list…

Yeah. I said it.

When I attended NE4 a couple of weeks ago, I got excited to learn one key point.  That point was YOU CAN’T DO IT ALL!


Leverage and Outsourcing is your key to running a successful business.  To know that I don’t and can’t do it all gave me a huge sigh of relief!

I would like to picture myself as Wonder Woman.  (Actually, she was who I wanted to be when I was a child.  Her cool lasso and her gold bracelets with her kick ass outfit!  I actually had panties and camisole that were just like Wonder Woman’s attire when I was little!  I was that cool!)

Coming back to the grown up version on myself being super woman… I’d be standing in all my glory with the cape flying through the wind, one hand on my one hip and a baby on the other.  Knowing I conquered every task with ease.

 Back to reality…what a great thing to realize you can use the art of outsourcing and leveraging others!

Time is money after all, and when you realize that cleaning your windows aren’t going to make you money, you find someone to do it for you.

I plan on outsourcing many tasks this summer, everything from big domestic projects to also tedious business projects.

IMG_2353edAV Mode, f 5.6 1/20 ISO 100 28/-135mm @135mm

Squirelly is too cute.

365Project Day 51 ~ Sometimes Life Isn’t Pretty

Sometimes life isn’t pretty.

I was going to post the photo of Sophia in all her cuteness, for my photo of the day.  Until…we were heading out the front door to go to school.  Dane spots a scorpion that was squished one day when the door closed on him.   It was trying to get into my house.

Now, I have respect for all living things. I teach my kids to have the same respect.  All creatures serve purposes.  I just don’t really know what purpose scorpions serve.  They’re creepy looking and they are vicious. We don’t kill spiders, we set them free outside.  Chris even catches flies with his bare hands and lets them go outside.  I know we fly our freak flag a lot.


Scorpions are a different story.  No one in this family has ever been stung by one, and God forbid that ever happen.  I’ve heard it’s brutal!  We actually have a scorpion container called ‘The Chamber’.  It’s bleach and water.  When we capture them, they go into The Chamber.  A horrible death, really.  I’ve heard that if you squish a scorpion, you could spray their unborn eggs everywhere.  Wait, maybe that’s a roach.  That being said though, I do not want my kids to experience a sting or my animals.

It is scorpion season, and I actually do not put a top sheet on my bed, just for this reason.  I have my bottom sheet and a down comforter.  When I go to bed a night, I pick that sucker up and check.  I do this with the kids’ beds as well.

It’s time for a call to the pest guys.  I tolerate a lot, but ticks, fleas and scorpions are on my enemy list.

So, without further delay.  Here is Squishy.  No, I didn’t give him a song.  I don’t like him enough to give him a song.


AV mode, f5.6 1/60 ISO 200 28-135mm @ 135mm

365Project Day 48 ~ Pink and Sparkly!

I am not usually the souvenir type.  Buying overpriced things just seems like hype to me.  That being said, whenever you go on a trip without the kids, you HAVE to bring them back something.



When we were walking the strip we went into a little shop.  We found a couple of cute stuffed monkeys that had magnets in their hands and feet.  My kids love magnets and they like stuffed animals.  A total win win!

As I was checking out I saw something pink and sparkly out the corner of my eye.  It was an overpriced travel coffee mug.  I went ahead and justified the purchase with 2 key points:

  1. I drink and drive (coffee that is)
  2. It’s PINK and SPARKLY!

How could pink and sparkly WITH coffee NOT put you in a good mood?


Swipe…went the card.

I can so easily be bought when things are pink and sparkly.


Cute huh?

The cat was another souvenir I justified when I went to Culebra, Puerto Rico in 2011.  I love that cat!

I found it fitting that the only 2 souvenirs I have, were on my desk.

I was a bit lazy this morning.  My flash was all the way on the other side of the room, so I decided to up my ISO instead of grabbing my flash.  I think it’s good to not rely on flash all the time.

It’s funny how justification works, huh? Actually, Culebra wasn’t really expensive.  I loved Puerto Rico!

I played with my settings and the lamp on my desk for lighting.  I think it worked, but that is why it has a little noise in the photo

Manual, f3.2 1/80 ISO 1250 50mm

Happy Shooting!

365project Day 45 — I’m Too Old for Las Vegas

I’ve done pretty well with this trip. My ear did not give me trouble on the plane like I had worried about. Chris bought me these things called ear planes. They help with the pressure while flying. So, a big win win! It was my first time flying since the inner ear hemmorage.

Tonight, we walked the strip. Man, this place has changed since the last time I was here in 98. First off, it’s expensive. Back in 98 the 4 dollar buffets were famous! Now, not so much.

After a couple of hours walking around, my dizzy spells started to rear its ugly head. Luckily we were close to our hotel. However, if things would have gotten bad, I would have fit right in. 😉 Drunken silliness is everywhere.

I love to people watch!

As we walked into our room, the bed just looks so good. I think I’m too old for Las Vegas…lol


Sweet dreams!!