365Project Day 25 ~ My Lunch…well Brunch

The other day I posted what I usually have for breakfast.  I forgot to eat breakfast this morning, as my 1 year old is just so out of sorts and my 5 year old wanted me to join her in her tea party.  So, I made my lunch a brunch.


I always make some for Sophia, and she loves it!  My other 2 did not grow up with green smoothies, so getting them to take part is like pulling teeth!

Today I ran out of apples, so I used an orange instead.  All of that makes about 3 full glasses.

I skipping the settings portion as I am being lazy today.  I can’t be perfect everyday!  What fun is that?

These below are just some fun photos of our teaparty taken with my ipad.

537774_10200854234779500_1525330427_nOur topless teaparty.  I did not partake in the topless part, but she just turned 5, so I could careless if she runs around topless or not.  I am hoping she will like clothes in the near future….like when she starts school.


Nina and Sunny having to be a part of the festivities!  I love Sunny’s subtle way of saying “I love you!”

365Project Day 24 ~ What Do You See?

This is one of my cats, Rupee.  Is he yawning or laughing?  What do you see?


This is a very quick post as I have a very unhappy and needy 1 year old.  Yay, for teething.  :/

Manual f2.2 I/60 ISO 250 50mm

The shoot was very quick.  I didn’t play with the numbers.  I did what needed to be done, then shot the photo.

365Project Day 18 ~ My Old Lady


This is Nina.  My subject for Day 18.  She is 15, and the sweetest of sweet.  My favorite thing about her is she hugs you.  Her arms are tightly wrapped around your neck when you pick her up.  Her head tucks into your neck as if so say ‘I never want to let go.” She weighs maybe 5 lbs, and loves to lay on the kitchen table.  That is where the best morning sun is.

AV mode, f8 1/25 ISO 400 28-135mm @75mm

Post processing added haze

365Project Day 12 ~ Leaky Faucet = Happy Kitty

Sunny loves water that falls out of the faucet, any faucet.  He prefers that over water that has been sitting in a bowl.  No matter how fresh it is.  If he is outside, this is a good place for me to find him.   The other day he saw a bunny hopping across the road, and he just sat and watched.  He is either smart enough to stay out of the road, or just too lazy.  I’m gonna say he is smart.


This isn’t a perfect shot.  I rushed it because, in all honesty, if I wasn’t doing this project.  I wouldn’t have shot today (feeling icky).

I shot this in AV mode.  f4.5 1/80 70-200mm @ 87mm

One day he was gone for 3 days. It was a very hard 3 days.  At times I could swear I could hear him meow, especially at night.  I always felt he was so close, but couldn’t see him.  He finally came home, and he was a nervous wreck.  He didn’t scream to be let out for days after that.  After he got over his shock, he pretty much stays in our yard.

I’m not sure what he saw or if a coyote was after him, but he has not been a betting kitty every since.  That makes this momma proud.  I’ve tried to get him stay in, but he won’t have it.  He yells and screams to be let out.  When I got him he was used to being out, so I figured why make him or myself go insane over his persistent meowing.  His sister, Lola went missing over a year ago, pretty much around the same time Sunny went missing.  She never made it home.  I’m hoping that someone just found her too beautiful and took her to a new home.  However, I have a feeling a coyote got her.  Sometimes I wonder if Sunny saw what happened to Lola.  He hadn’t been the same since.

Any at rate, he is one happy kitty who has a love/hate relationship with the cat next door, Prince BoBo.  Sometimes they can lay close together and other times I am breaking up a cat fight.  I’m hoping one time I can take pictures of their fight, as long as it doesn’t get too serious.  I need to work with actions shots, and what a cool one to practice with.

Clouds and Buster


A few days ago, I had decided I was going to try and write a post everyday.  Just for the challenge of finding something new to talk about, etc.  I have a few ideas I have written down, but my mind isn’t as creative as it was the previous days.  I think the lack of sleep and this cursing headache has played a toll today.  So, nonetheless here is some dribble on some shots I took in Omaha and maybe a story added in for good measure.

I had taken pictures of some cool skies in Omaha. I also managed to squeeze a few of Buster, my mom’s cat with MAJOR attitude.   The skies were a result of a some rain brewing and afterwards with the rainbow.  So, that’s pretty much the story behind the clouds.

Onto Buster.  He is a big kitty, and soooo fluffy.  I find myself always saying “it’s so fluffy” in the tone and excitement the little girl in Despicable Me, when she got her unicorn at the fair.  The sad part about it is he will not let you hold him.  Sometimes you can grab him as he passes by for a quick squeeze, but he lets you know it is unacceptable behavior.  He was a rescue.  My mother was at work and a lady came by with this big bundle and of course told the all too common story of no room for him and he’s being put down.  He was at the vets in a crate for 6 months, and what a horrible life that was I am sure.  He had been returned back to the vets a couple of times after being adopted.  We don’t know why, but we are guessing it was because of his demeanor.  So, she figured if she actually brought him to my mom, my moms heart would sink and take him home.  She had nailed it!  Mom came home with this big fur ball and he’s been there for a few years now.  There is no discrimination in the Hopkins household. Everyone is welcome.   Attitude, ugliness, and anything in between, you will be spoiled if living with my folks.  I am proud to say I have many family members with big hearts for animals.  This is why I have so many.  See honey, it’s not my fault!  Quoting Lady GaGa, “I was born this way”.




The New Year

This is going to be a bit out of order, as I hadn’t even posted about Christmas yet.  2009 started out well with a relaxing morning and a trip to the gym.  When we got back from the gym I put the kids to bed and realized I was feeling pretty wiped too.  I figured it was from the trip and I was just starting to wind down.  By that evening I had a high fever that lasted through the whole weekend.  To make it all worse.  My diabetic cat Onie fell into a coma on Saturday afternoon, and wouldn’t you know it, right after the vet closed for the day.

She had been losing weight before Christmas, but decided to take her to the vet after the new year.  Once I had gotten sick, I just didn’t get her in.  By that evening she had come out of it once and lifted her head, and I thought this is good news.  We knew if she ever went into a coma to put corn syrup on her gums to help regulate her sugars.  This I think helped for a bit, but she fell asleep and went right back into it.  After many tears, pets, prayers, cuddles I was shocked to see she made it through the night.  Chris would come in throughout Saturday and Sunday to give her water (in a sryinge).  It got to where she couldn’t swallow hardly or even open up her mouth.  Sunday morning she had been sleeping, when I went to pet her.  I heard her purr!  It was the first time I had heard her purr in over 24 hours.  She lifted her head and looked at me and would continue to purr.  My hopes were risen and I thought, that’s it, she’s coming to.  The purring seem to last awhile.   After about 30 minutes she passed.   Chris and I were with her, petting her and saying our goodbyes.  My heart is broken.  She was either 11 or 12 years old and we had her for 10.  She had been diabetic for the last 4 years of her life.

As Dane came in, we put him on the bed to tell him Onie was in heaven and playing with God.  His response was ‘how fun!’  This of course made us smile.  He then said “momma, stop crying.  Drink your coffee and watch Frasier!”  As I had mentioned above, I had been in bed sick for the weekend.  I got the Frasier DVD set for Christmas and had been watching them when I was in bed.

We let all the other animals say their goodbyes as well.  Nina (her cuddle buddy) has been a bit restless and showing some depression.  A picture is attached of Nina and Onie laying on a chair in their usual position.  For 10 years they had slept together and become the best of friends.  Last night was the first night in 10 years Nina or me didn’t have Onie to cuddle with.

We were going to bury her under the weeping willow in our back yard, but Texas has lots of rock and hard clay dirt.  This makes digging extremely hard.  Chris dug to 1 1/2 feet and it just got too difficult.  After about an hour of digging, we decided to have her cremated.  I hope to get her back within the week.

I will miss her everyday.  Onie is the grey one as Nina is my orange/black/white kitty.

Onie Nonie Aarhus 1996 or 1997-January 4, 2009