365Project Day 24 ~ What Do You See?

This is one of my cats, Rupee.  Is he yawning or laughing?  What do you see?


This is a very quick post as I have a very unhappy and needy 1 year old.  Yay, for teething.  :/

Manual f2.2 I/60 ISO 250 50mm

The shoot was very quick.  I didn’t play with the numbers.  I did what needed to be done, then shot the photo.

365Project Day22 ~ Teeny Tiny Tippy Toes

A weakness of mine….baby feet.


Manual f4 1/60 ISO 1600 50mm

Today I was playing with high an ISO for the exposure I wanted to get.  I was happy with the results.  There isn’t a lot of noise, so I am still liking the effect.

In post processing, I cleaned up her feet a bit.  A little bit of fur with some dirt wouldn’t make for a pretty picture.

365Project Day 20 ~ Caption This

It’s no secret, but when it comes to captioning photos, I lack creative suaveness.   So, give it a go and caption this photo below .  Hey, looky there! I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it! *insert laughter here*

(Ok enough corniness)

Coming back to this….

I would love to see what comments you all come up with.


Manual f4.5 1/60 ISO 1600 10-24mm@24mm

Added a french blue haze in photoshop

When we rescued Cleo she has been previously abused, so we are very careful when it comes to the kids and her.  She really enjoys the older two, and not really sure how what to make of Sophia.

Cleo has shared her kennel with an intrusive baby, and she also allowed Sophia to hand feed her.  So, I really do not see her being harmful to Sophia.  Nonetheless, we are still careful.

Finally, Cleo started to come and lay next to me by my desk (usually she chooses to stay in her open kennel).  Sophia started to reach for Cleo’s face.  Cleo is infamous about giving kisses.  This is actually what this shot was in the middle of.  Except right after I clicked the shutter she tried to grab her tongue.

Cleo got back at Sophia and ate that very pacifier that she has in her mouth moments after this photograph was taken.  Cleo is a stealth dog.  She moves so quietly and steals toy, paci’s anything that is on the ground for her chewing enjoyment.

We are now down to 1 paci…once again.

I better go as I hear the kids complaining that “Sophia stinks!”

The morning pooper has commenced her duty or doodie.  However you wanna go with that.