365Project Day 48 ~ Pink and Sparkly!

I am not usually the souvenir type.  Buying overpriced things just seems like hype to me.  That being said, whenever you go on a trip without the kids, you HAVE to bring them back something.



When we were walking the strip we went into a little shop.  We found a couple of cute stuffed monkeys that had magnets in their hands and feet.  My kids love magnets and they like stuffed animals.  A total win win!

As I was checking out I saw something pink and sparkly out the corner of my eye.  It was an overpriced travel coffee mug.  I went ahead and justified the purchase with 2 key points:

  1. I drink and drive (coffee that is)
  2. It’s PINK and SPARKLY!

How could pink and sparkly WITH coffee NOT put you in a good mood?


Swipe…went the card.

I can so easily be bought when things are pink and sparkly.


Cute huh?

The cat was another souvenir I justified when I went to Culebra, Puerto Rico in 2011.  I love that cat!

I found it fitting that the only 2 souvenirs I have, were on my desk.

I was a bit lazy this morning.  My flash was all the way on the other side of the room, so I decided to up my ISO instead of grabbing my flash.  I think it’s good to not rely on flash all the time.

It’s funny how justification works, huh? Actually, Culebra wasn’t really expensive.  I loved Puerto Rico!

I played with my settings and the lamp on my desk for lighting.  I think it worked, but that is why it has a little noise in the photo

Manual, f3.2 1/80 ISO 1250 50mm

Happy Shooting!


Cutting the Fat and Gettin’ Down to Business

This post isn’t about my photography.  That one will come a little bit later.

I was in Vegas this past weekend attending a conference, NES4 on social media marketing, affiliate marketing and also about SEO for blogging.  It was so overwhelming to say the least.  I heard some amazing speakers, my favorite was the keynote speaker, Gary Vaynerchuk.

Google the guy.  He’ll blow your mind.  Just a heads up though.  He has colorful language.  He reminds me of the Honey Badger, he’s bad ass.

Honey Badger Don’t Care

Anyway, I posted on facebook awhile back how bad my desk was.  Well, I still haven’t touched it.

Today, Sophia went ahead and climbed in my chair and decided she had enough of my messy desk.

What a go getter I have!


There, she’s cuttin’ the fat.

If only she knew how to file.

Jeez, my phone takes some really crappy pics.  I cannot wait to upgrade!

365Project Day 46 ~ For the Love of Sexiness!

I listen to my husband a lot.  Most of them time, it’s the right thing to do.  Sometimes I listen to him when my gut tells me not too.  For some reason, before leaving for Vegas I listened to him.

I wanted to bring my camera.  I knew that getting photos of anything Las Vegas would be a lot of fun.  However, Chris brought up a couple of good and valid points.

The Points:
When will we have time?


You can’t carry on your luggage if you bring your camera. (See, I wear make up.  Some of it is expensive.  What if it got broken in the careful hands of the airline employees?  I would be pissed and it would ruin my weekend.  This is why I wanted to carry on my luggage.)

I should have just had the faith and rolled with it.

I missed many opportunities.

We didn’t have a lot of time, that was true.  By the time we were out for the evening, my body was done.  Like I said in the earlier post…I’m Too Old for Vegas.

So, this photo was taken with my phone and needless to say..it is horrible.  However, I did take a photo, it just so happens it’s a crappy one!


Back to the “For the Love of Sexiness!”

People watching is one of my favorite past times.  To see how they carry themselves, act and react…it’s fascinating to say the least.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when women cannot walk in heels.  The target, well it’s the blurry girl on the right.  She was attractive, but the way she walked in those shoes, just killed the look.  She had six inch heels and a teeny weeny dress.  Ya know, Vegas attire.  I love Vegas attire!

So many ladies do not know how to carry themselves in their heels.  What all of them lacked was the confidence while walking.  I could tell all they were doing was concentrating on not falling on their faces.

When I went to modeling school, that was the first thing they taught us to do.

It’s an artform.  You have to pay attention to footing, the ground, the ‘sway’.  Once you work on all that, it just becomes natural.

I’m not sure, but they may even have videos on YouTube on how to walk in heels.

It’s an art.


I practiced A LOT in my room.  I pretended I was in Paris walking the cat walk.  What I found was when I visualized myself on the cat walk, I had the utmost confidence, which made the walking come natural.  It was interesting to see how it automatically just happened.

I saw gorgeous women wearing dresses that looked like band aids and these smokin’ hot shoes to only have it ruined by the way they walk in their heels.

I would safely say that only 10% of the women I saw in Vegas wearing 5-6″ heels knew how to walk them.

It really makes a difference in how far your ‘sexy meter’ goes.

If you are shaky in your shoes, practice in them.  Don’t wear them in public until you can make the full walking stride.  Ya know, the stride that doesn’t include you barely picking your feet off the floor, or not bending your knees.

Ladies, gorgeous shoes need to be showcased properly.

365project Day 45 — I’m Too Old for Las Vegas

I’ve done pretty well with this trip. My ear did not give me trouble on the plane like I had worried about. Chris bought me these things called ear planes. They help with the pressure while flying. So, a big win win! It was my first time flying since the inner ear hemmorage.

Tonight, we walked the strip. Man, this place has changed since the last time I was here in 98. First off, it’s expensive. Back in 98 the 4 dollar buffets were famous! Now, not so much.

After a couple of hours walking around, my dizzy spells started to rear its ugly head. Luckily we were close to our hotel. However, if things would have gotten bad, I would have fit right in. 😉 Drunken silliness is everywhere.

I love to people watch!

As we walked into our room, the bed just looks so good. I think I’m too old for Las Vegas…lol


Sweet dreams!!