365Project Day 20 ~ Caption This

It’s no secret, but when it comes to captioning photos, I lack creative suaveness.   So, give it a go and caption this photo below .  Hey, looky there! I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it! *insert laughter here*

(Ok enough corniness)

Coming back to this….

I would love to see what comments you all come up with.


Manual f4.5 1/60 ISO 1600 10-24mm@24mm

Added a french blue haze in photoshop

When we rescued Cleo she has been previously abused, so we are very careful when it comes to the kids and her.  She really enjoys the older two, and not really sure how what to make of Sophia.

Cleo has shared her kennel with an intrusive baby, and she also allowed Sophia to hand feed her.  So, I really do not see her being harmful to Sophia.  Nonetheless, we are still careful.

Finally, Cleo started to come and lay next to me by my desk (usually she chooses to stay in her open kennel).  Sophia started to reach for Cleo’s face.  Cleo is infamous about giving kisses.  This is actually what this shot was in the middle of.  Except right after I clicked the shutter she tried to grab her tongue.

Cleo got back at Sophia and ate that very pacifier that she has in her mouth moments after this photograph was taken.  Cleo is a stealth dog.  She moves so quietly and steals toy, paci’s anything that is on the ground for her chewing enjoyment.

We are now down to 1 paci…once again.

I better go as I hear the kids complaining that “Sophia stinks!”

The morning pooper has commenced her duty or doodie.  However you wanna go with that.

365Project Day 9 ~ One for Me and One for You

This is a very common scene in my house.


f3.5 1/60 ISO 400 50mm.

A little photoshop magic and this is the end result.

Sophia loves to feed Momma Dog  her breakfast.  Luckily Momma takes it with stride and doesn’t even mind sharing, with her human friends.  Unfortunately, Sophia loves to eat it too.  It is a daily battle to get her to stop.  Sometimes she stuffs so many in her mouth it looks like she is storing for winter!

I’ve almost given up, I mean, I ate Meow Mix when I was little and I turned out just fine *twitching*.   At least this diet is grain free, corn free, no animal bi products…etc.  It has to be better than what was in Meow Mix.

365Project, Day 2

Sophia will probably be my model a lot during the year.  She doesn’t fuss or run away (yet) when the camera is pointing at her.  She tends to get silly and make some awesome faces.

I couldn’t narrow it down to one photo, so I am sharing a few of them.  I tried to create some high key photos (yes I did that on purpose).  High key is one of my favorite looks.  I also played with a few hazes from some photography actions I have.  All trying to tickle my creative muse.

These were all shot in AV and with my 50mm with on camera flash that I had bounce off the ceiling and walls.



A pretty curl with the lace tie


My mother says the back of a baby’s neck is where the best sugar is.

If you are not from the south, you might not understand that.  Born and raised in Tennessee, I heard a lot about ‘sugar’, ‘bless her heart’ amoung others.


High Key black and white with her “Whatcha talkin’ about Willis” look.



Very overexposed.  I had changed the settings on my flash for a maximum effect


Another over exposed photo and yes a bit unfocused.  One of the rules in photography is, if the eye isn’t sharp, toss it.  Well, I made it a soft photo on purpose.  It’s more concentrated on the color of the background and the eye with it whitened out so much.  Yes, I broke a rule.  However, sometimes being creative means you make your own art.

Sophia, 3 months old

In the process of making my front room into a studio yesterday, I felt the need to take some pictures.  Sophia is always willing, unlike my other two.  Dane and Lydia give me lip about posing, you kinda have to threaten them, or bribe, whichever I feel like doing on any given day.

Here she is, 3 months old, and in my opinion, as beautiful as ever.

Lights, Camera, Sophia Skye!

It has taken me about 3 and a 1/2 weeks to feel somewhat back to normal after giving birth to my sweet Sophia.  My recovery was set back a bit after getting a uterine infection after having my c/sec.  So, these pictures were taken of Sophia at almost 3 weeks old.  I finally got them edited last night and today.

Here are just a few shots.  I didn’t get a whole range of photos I was wanting, as she was one gassy and poopy little girl.  It seemed if she was a tootin’ she was a poopin’.  So, you can imagine the session was cut a bit short.  I hope to get a few more of my ideas carried out and completed.  Here’s hoping for a productive week.

Here is my precious girl….


Twinkle Toes


The hair


Perfect in Pink


A friend made and gave this hat for Sophia.  Thanks Teresa!


Her smile is infectious

A Birth Story

Sophia Skye welcomed us on January 19th 2012 at 9:24 pm.

January 19 happened to be my last day of work.  I was very tired and did not want to do anything, much less go to work.  That day my bosses dog, Sasha had followed me whenever I got up to do anything.  When I was sitting down, she kept checking on me to make sure I was alright.  I thought it was odd, and took note.  I also was really hoping she knew something I didn’t.  She did.

I don’t really remember much from the time I got home from work till the time my water broke.

I decided to do some laundry as I had realized the clothes I had packed for the hospital were already dirty.  My clothing that fit was running slim, so I wore a lot of the same things.  I remember having a thought that I should do laundry and repack my bag.  I had a feeling, the time was close, but I didn’t think it was that close.

Chris was out doing some grocery shopping.  I had asked him to look and possibly get me some Castor Oil (it can help bring on labor, if your body is ready).  I was getting desperate.  I was very tired, very big and very ready.  I could see myself holding the bottle of Castor Oil and wondering if I really had the guts to take it.  For those that do not know, it can cause some MAJOR diarreha.  The question of  “How desperate am I?” kept coming to my head.

Waiting for Chris to come home, I started to load the washer.  When I bent down to get clothes, my water broke!  However, I thought I had just peed on myself at first.  Then I thought, “well I had just gone, and I’ve never done that before…so why now?” I decided to finish loading the washer than head to the bathroom.  Still uncertain, I text Chris the “how close to home are you?” and “Nevermind on the Oil, I think my water just broke”.  I noticed more trickling and decided that, yes I need to go to labor and delivery to make sure this is the real deal.  I quickly remembered shaving my legs was on the agenda for the day.  There was NO WAY I was going to the hospital without that.  So, I jumped in the shower for a quick shave and by the time I had gotten out Chris was home.

I called labor and delivery and let them know what was going on.  It was about 5pm that evening and my Dr. had left for the day.  Turns out she was not on call that evening.  I was a bit bummed.  Since I was a repeat c/sec, I was not aloud to labor for long.

It was nothing like you saw in the movies.  I had to repack my bag with ugly clothes that literally looked like they came from a homeless person.  All mismatched and old.  I had to pack something, since all my clothes were in the wash.  Chris and I stayed calm.  It took me about 45 minutes to pack, find something suitable to wear and wait for Chris to send out a couple of emails.  Finally, we were ready to head to the hospital.  Contractions weren’t too bad, but by the time we parked they were getting uncomfortable.

I check in, fill out paperwork, get suited up in a cute little gown and it was confirmed, my water had indeed broken.  The nurse I had was an older lady, who had been nursing for 40 something years.  I found comofrt in that, as I knew she was going to do my IV.  I figured someone with that number of years under your belt, they had to be good at it by now.  WRONG!  That woman hurt!!!  She actually poked a nerve to where my fingers jolted and gave me a lot of pain.  FInally, after a few tries, she got it in.  The contractions were getting intense and I had to concentrate through them.

I sat and waited for the dr’s to come in.  I met the anesthesiologist came in.  He happened to be the same guy who was there with me when I had Lydia.  He was a pretty cool guy.

Finally, I get my wheelchair and they wheel me into the OR. (about 2 hours after arriving) I start to cry as always when getting to this point.  Getting the spinals freak me out.  I do not like all those drugs and anytime they poke things in your spine, well it makes me a bit nervous. At 9:24pm she was born.  Sophia screamed and screamed for quite awhile.  It was all good.  When Lydia was born, she took awhile to breathe, so hearing Sophia was music to my ears.

Sophia Skye came in weighing 7 lbs and 11 oz and 20 3/4 long.  She was the smallest baby yet.  She came out with strawberry blonde hair.  Gorgeous if I say so myself.