My Food Sensitivities Test is In!

shutterstock_195397382The food sensitivities test I had is called MRT.   What does MRT stand for? Mediator Release Test.  It’s a test that I had been putting off.  I had a couple reasons why I had put it off, and they are silly reasons.

For starters, I hate needles, like really hate them. To the point where I ask if I can have pediatric needles.  Sad. Yes, but I have no shame in admitting this.

The beginning of why I hate needles….

Back in 2004 my two dogs, Zoie and Gracie got into a dog fight over a cat.  My cat.  One I had owned, that was becoming a little butthole as he was maturing from his kitten stage.  I broke up the fight, and in the process one of them bit me.  Not sure who, but I blamed it on Zoie, my Shepard mix. Gracie was pit bull, and if I had told the ER she would have most likely been put down.  Just for the record, Gracie was a bit emotionally mixed up, but she was not aggressive.  This was a fluke thing, and she was protecting another cat that I had. (long story and not going into all that).

Turns out one of them had severed the tendon in my right hand.  I had to have surgery to repair it. They did it while I was awake, and it was worse than child birth. I wish they had put a partition close to my face so I couldn’t see what they were doing.  Or, given me strong meds so I could care less what they were doing.  My Dr. who was doing the surgery probably wished I was knocked out, because I was uncomfortable, and not really hiding it.  He told me I was worse then his mother. Bedside manner, this man had none.

So, back to needles….not a fan.

The second reason is, I didn’t want to see proof if coffee, chocolate, cheese and vanilla were a no no for me.  My 4 big loves in the food department.  Again, silly and childish. No shame here either.

My husband, Chris is a FDN practitioner.   FDN stands for Functional Diagnostic Nutrition.  He has run some tests on me before.  He runs all kinds of tests like parasite, hormone, process protein, food sensitivity, thyroid and many others.   These tests are usually more detailed than what you would receive from a Dr’s office.  By testing different areas, you then do the protocol, then he finds out the root to the problem.  Testing can get expensive if you are a mystery like me, and have to do a few to figure out what’s going on.  FDN Practitioners look for the root cause, and fixing it.  It is not the ‘band aid’ approach which seems to be the general way that happens in the US.  This is about going much deeper and covering all areas.  Not just the effected area.

We just completed the MRT test, and I have to say I am MORE than pleased!! Foods are broke down in 3 different areas.  Green, yellow and red. Much like red lights, they mean the same.  Green is go, yellow is caution and ultimately you want to stay away from and red is don’t go there.

I am so happy to see my coffee, vanilla and chocolate are in the green! Thank you, Jesus! I can even tolerate cream for my coffee, but my cheeses have to go.  That’s a tough one because I LOVE my Mexican food!

The wheat wasn’t much of a shocker, but still sad to see that warm loaf of bread that gets sat on your table at dinner (like Firebirds) won’t ever get eaten for awhile.

I was extremely surprised by my results. I had thought I was sensitive to many many things. So happy to be proven wrong. Oh, and it looks like I can have a beer again! Hops is barely green!

Unfortunately, wine is off the table, for now.

Hmmmm, I wonder if I can handle tequila?

This just makes me really think my other post about infection is on the right track.

As you can see foods that are really good for us, may not be good for you.  There is so much proof out there that food sensitivities are almost always the cause of certain things, especially behavioral issues like ADD and ADHD.  That’s why it is important to be tested along these lines because it can be just this simple.

This is what one looks like.  However, more of this needs to be explained as it goes a bit deeper than colored lines. I’m waiting for my husband to get home for my consultation.

MRT Test results

unnamed (8)

I have cut out so many foods, this was my confirmation that I can start bringing some things in. However, I’ve liked the effects going without sugar has given me, so that is going to stay off the table. However, now I know I can have a piece of Dane’s birthday cake in October!

Oh, I love birthday cake and missed it so!!

I highly recommend going through FDN if you are having health issues.  Especially, if you are tired of feeling like a mouse in a laboratory, and if modern medicine isn’t helping you.  If this would  be something that would interest you, leave a comment below.

Much love,