365project, Day 1


Never thought of that word to be a nasty word before, but for some reason it’s harder for me to commit anymore.  I mean, I did the hardest form of commitment like marriage and having kids.  So, why is it hard to commit to doing this or to stop eating sugar?

I am going to try and post a new photo everyday of random things.  Stuff  I like, find beauty in or even weird off the wall things.  Why?  It’s not like I am not busy enough.  I feel like I have put my photography off since I was pregnant with Sophia, and now it is time to enjoy it again.  Really enjoy it.  I need to find my creative flow once more, and hope this brings it out.

This shot is the last of my Easter candy, they last I allowed myself to have.  Yes, I am eating sugar again.  :/  After being in Omaha, traveling, then Easter, my eating habits derailed.  I told my husband when he shopped for the candy that my only ‘have to have’ candy was the Cadbury Creme Eggs.  I fought hard for these little boogers.  I told him if he did not bring me 2 of them, to not even bothering coming back home.  So, what does he do?  He brings me a package of small ones.  I’m not sure why he didn’t bring me the big ones.  I like the bigger ones better.  I can savor them longer.  The smaller ones are done in one bite.  Oh well, not gonna complain.  He did save me the trip to the store for all the Easter goodies.

This photo was taken in natural light and in manual with my 50mm at 1/250 1.8 and an ISO of 200.  The only photoshop I did was to watermark it.


I’m drooling again!



I went to bed with great expectations and woke up with even better intentions.

Chris left for a quick 7 mile run, and I started getting everyone ready for church by 7:30.  Our church has a 9am service as well as 11 and 1.  I like going to the 9 if we do not go on Saturday nights.  Knowing it’s Easter Sunday and I figured it would be very chaotic, I had everyone ready (including myself) and ready for the door by 8:30.

I’m suddenly frazzled.  Where are the car keys?!   We have 2 pair.  One doesn’t work as it was soaked in an unfortunate tubing accident one year (well it can work manually, just not automatically).  I usually let Sophia gum on it, as it can’t hurt her and she can’t hurt it.  I also know where my (working) key is at all times…usually.  Well, both pairs were missing.

We turned the house upside down looking for both pair.  Finally at 9am, we found the one key that Sophia uses!

We miss church, now we must go at 11.

Ah, 11 o’clock service.  It’s a wild time.  People are everywhere, more so now with it being Easter.  As we get out of the van, Dane tells us he stepped in dog poop back at the house when he went outside to wish his friend a happy Easter.  Apparently during the drive he was scooping it off in the van with a rock he had in the drink holder.  Oh, wonderful!

Chris, “Macgyver’s” a poop scrapper out of some toothpicks and some old rag he found in the back.  After about 10 mins we are finally walking into the church, by now it is about 11:10.

Crowded doesn’t even cut it.  The Sanctuary was full, so we went into the Fellowship room.  I spent most of the service with my ears plugged with my fingers, while trying to keep a wiggly baby from walking away.  It was so loud, my head was pounding and ears were ringing for a few hours after the service.  I enjoyed what I could, but I was really counting the mins it was over.

Home at last….oh crap!  I forgot to hide the eggs while the kids were getting ready for church.  Now, I quickly jump out of the van, and tell my husband to stall them.  Dane sees me walk back in the house with the empty bowl, that once held the colorful eggs.  “Mom, are you the one that hid the eggs?”  “The Easter bunny didn’t come?” Another time, where a mother lies to her children.  I simply told him the Easter bunny forgot to bring in the bowl.  Whew…I’m saved.

See, in our house the Easter bunny comes to your house when you are at church to hide the eggs and the baskets.  It’s a fun tradition here.

Just a few shots of the kids hunting eggs and then a group shot of them.

Oh and I found the other set of keys in my stroller while Chris was scooping off dog poo.  Hooray!







The Easter Egg Hunt


Every year our neighborhood puts on an Easter Egg hunt for the kiddos at our neighborhood park.  I took some photos of the event.



Waiting in line for their time to go hunt


It’s Spring in Texas




A bluebonnet


“whatcha got?”



I get a scrunch face instead of a smile.


“Touch the baby, and you’ll no longer have an arm.”



Classic Sophia face


No name loves cuddles


Easter at the Aarhus’

Not a very fancy Easter, but we made it to church and then had a great lunch.  When we got home the Easter Bunny, aka Momma, hid the eggs outside for the Easter Egg hunt.  They had a great time and found all the eggs….I think.  I lost count at some point, but pretty sure they are all accounted for.  Yesterday I took some pics of the kids with the neighbors bunny Ra Ra, but getting my kids to actually pose for photos is difficult to say the least.  I got lucky today with pictures and the kids.  They were in a very goofy mood, so it was a lot of fun.