Fall Special

One of the perks to moving from San Antonio to Omaha is that I officially have my favorite season back, Fall.  It the time for cool brisk morning walks to school,  cooler days, campfires bundled in a blanket and pumpkin EVERYTHING.

There isn’t much judgement from others when you have a pumpkin muffin with your pumpkin latte, then chasing it down with a slice of pumpkin pie!

Having ‘fat days’ isn’t noticeable when wearing bulky sweaters.  It is a vacation for the fat rolls from being sucked in all summer long.   I can embrace my  ‘fat days’ with grace! I love bulky sweaters!

Of course we have the obvious, and more beautiful thing that comes from Fall, the colors!  I love to just take in God’s splendor!

To celebrate my love for Fall, and the ability to continue doing what I love, I am putting on a Fall Special for the month of October!

Omaha Photographer

Book your family portraits session now! Spaces are limited!

See you soon!



Down Memory Lane

Going Down Memory Lane

As I am organizing and cleaning out my external hard drive, I have come across some photos that were past favorites.  I also have found some that I didn’t even know I had taken.

Going down memory lane can be emotional.

Photos of pets you loved that are now no longer with you.  Children that are talking back, when seems like yesterday they were attached to your boob.

It makes you contemplate how time flies, and makes you really want to make each moment count.

I think that is hard…making each moment count.  Especially to the tired moms out there that are doing their best to just to make it through a day.   I once said if I had the money I wouldn’t hire help.  I stay home with them, so why would I need help. I can do it all.  I cannot believe I once thought that…so naive.  I think the Stay at Home mom is who needs hired help more!  Yes, the little moments are precious, but ya know so is your sanity! Locking myself in my bathroom or closet for 5 mins just to have a moments peace (which usually that 5 mins gets interrupted by min 2.  Someone had set themselves on fire or some other emergency) is what has been titled as a mini vaca.  The potty is a mini vaca?  That’s just sad.  Just writing this piece I’ve been interrupted about 5 times. Mostly it’s tattling…I hate tattling.

I’ve been told to cherish these days because in a snap of the finger they will be gone.  My trip down memory lane is a testament to that statement.

I guess when I get aggravated (which happened a lot today) just breathe and realize soon the house will be quiet.  I’ll be wrinkly and old and looking at my golden years and think why didn’t I just cuddle them all day long?

Yep, going down memory lane can be emotional.

down memory  lane

Sophia playing in the dirt

down memory lane

Zoie cleaning a dirty Sophia

down memory lane

Lydia a year old

down memory lane

Dane at 3

down memory lane

down memory lane

down memory lane

down memory lane

down memory lane

At boerne lake. We used to take Zoie and Gracie there all the time.

down memory lane

down memory lane

down memory lane

down memory lane

Chris and Justin riding the San Antonio roads

down memory lane

down memory lane

down memory lane

down memory lane

Lydia with Chris’ dad who passed away a couple of years ago.

down memory lane

down memory lane

down memory lane

My kitty, Gus.  He was the best cat ever.

I had so many I wanted to add, but I didn’t want to overload you.  This is just a tiny bit of what I have collected over the years.  I hope you enjoyed going down memory lane as I have.







Klepto Kitty

This is Murphy, and he is a Klepto Kitty

Klepto Kitty


I was making chicken salad the other evening, and he was watching me intently.
He is sitting on top of the trash can, and I knew by his ear placement that he

would be trying to steal a piece soon.  The urge was just to great to behave himself.

I figured this was the best opportunity to try and catch him in the act.

I asked my son to quickly grab my camera.

Of course, in times of ‘split second awesome photo taking’, I realized I

did not have the right lens on.  I had the Canon 100mm, which is a

prime lens, so it will not zoom. So I backed away as far as I could.

I wanted to get more in the shot, but I was happy that I caught him, and

that it wasn’t blurry.

You may be able to see that Murphy is a bit different.  He is a Polydactyl.

Which means he has extra digits on his front paws.  He has 17 toes on his front paws

and he loves to use them!

In the end, I allowed him his piece with a few more because he is just

so handsome.  I think he enjoyed it because he was extra cuddly that evening.

On a side note, yes I washed my cutting board after he swiped his piece.

I’m Do Overing!

I am ready to get back the motherhood and the life that was stolen from me for almost 3 years.  My last set back was 8 months ago, and I’m saying enough is enough!

I’m getting back in my photography game, and loving it. I did not realize how much I have missed it!  I’m focusing on building my website, portfolio and blogging more and doing it right. Oh, how I have missed writing!  It’s almost like a do over.  Yeah, I’m ‘do overing’ the last 3 years of my life.

I think the turning point for me was when I attended my 20th High School reunion. It was a couple of weeks ago, so I have gotten over the fact that 20 years have passed by.  In a couple of weeks I will be in my last year of the 30’s.  I’m actually ok with that because I am ready for bigger and better things in my life.  That will be for another blog post.

So, my turning point was leaving the house without “adult supervision”.  What I mean is usually my parents are in tow with me. Just in case I have a dizzy spell or my good ear decides it wants to behave badly in an instant.  I felt more at ease when I had someone with me that knew what I had been through, and what can occur at a moments notice.

Leaving the house without my natural security system was a bit unnerving, but I put my big girl panties on and dealt with it. I was very happy I did.  It showed me that I need to branch out, even when it is scary.

Doing that was a huge Walk in Faith moment for me.  Joyce Meyers says, if you are afraid, just do it afraid.  Have faith God will be there and know that He won’t forsake you in anyway.  He didn’t and He hasn’t.  Even on the days that were my hardest, the quickest way around my fear was to refuse it, and thank God for everything at that moment. I don’t care if you look at your circumstances, and you are falling faster than you can think.  Moments like that I thank God my children are well, the birds are singing, for any hearing I have left, I can be on the computer for an hour without getting dizzy, that I moved next door to my parents only months before the 2nd attack,  that I can walk, go to the bathroom without help, my family and friends. There is actually so much to be thankful for.  Once you find something small like clean water it is amazing what fills your heart.  Remember, a thankful heart gets God’s attention.  A complaining one binds his hands.

So yeah, I am do overing!   At times my body may feel like all it wants to do is quit, but that’s when I have to turn on my walk with faith and do things.  Even little things like laundry.  Do everything with God and you will be amazed at what your life ends up like.

Here’s to building my website and doing it right, more photography clients, complete healing and a bigger and better relationship with my God.

I'm Do Overing


Back to Photography ~ I Was Miss Muffet

Ok, so I wasn’t sitting on a tuffet eating my curds and whey.  I was, however walking out the front door one evening taking out my trash when I noticed Stella the momma wolf spider.

Stella had her babies on her back.

  She in one of the few that carry her egg sac attached to her abdomen, and once the eggs hatch, they crawl up to her back.  She totes them along till they are big enough to be on their own.

No, I don’t know how long that is.

I do not mind spiders, especially when they are out in their element and not mine.  They are good to kill pests I do not like.  She was very close to the front door.

Thanks to a certain kitty cat *ahem* Sunny, there is a slight hole where he has ripped the foam around the door (from scratching at it wanting in).

The last thing I want is a huge spider like her and all her babies in my house!  EEEEEKKKKK!!!!

I politely asked Chris to relocate her.  He placed her into some brush that was not near our house.

She was a big girl.  She could have easily fit in the palm of my hand touching the base of my fingers to the wrist!

  I didn’t want to kill her, but I also didn’t want to relocate her either.  Getting the spider is the man’s job afterall.

So, here she is.

Stella, and her many many babies.



Poor Stella has red eye

Many Blessings,


365project Day 80 ~ Nature and Miss Sassy Pants

Just outside my door a spider missing 2 legs, Limpy and a spiny caterpillar, Spiky.

As you all know, if you have followed any of my 365 Photography, I name my bug subjects.

As long as the little nasty things stay outside, I am fine with them.



Here I have a 18 month old Sassy Pants!


365Project Day…Oh Who Knows!

 I dusted off my camera for the first time in probably 2 weeks yesterday.

Oh, How I missed you, let me count the ways….

Back on the 365 project wagon.  Wait?  Can I even jump back on?  Or do I need to start at day 1?

That’s a depressing thought.

It’s no secret Chris and I have been working a lot lately.  I had a few deadlines that had to be met yesterday, but once that was over we went to the park.

We had our picnic dinner in our neighborhood park and played.

It was fun and relaxing…until we had to leave.

Oh the breakdowns!

Here are a few shots I took of their playtime.


Velociraptor face


One of the best big brothers out there!


My little ladies!


She’s a daredevil!  Always taking her hands off the chains.  I have a feeling she will love roller coasters

IMG_3906edJust a Swingin’