How to Get More Eyes on your Stuff…

How to Get More Eyes on your Stuff…

I’m going to show you a simple little trick to drive traffic to anywhere you want traffic to go.  Whether it is your blog, website, videos..etc.

This is super easy and something you can start doing right away.

If you have a Facebook account, as this is Facebook specific.

Here is my little video that shows your step by step how to do that simple little trick.

A big shout out to my man, for helping me use Camtasia!  Thanks honey!!

Pictures are huge right now, esp pictures with quotes or sayings one them.

Usually the Inspirational ones, The Ecards and anything with babies and puppies/kittens on them get shared like crazy!

My video above shows you step by step how to use those photos for your gain!

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Since every blog is better with a photo, check out this cute photo…

Well, it’s not cute, but it’s one of my favs.

It’s been added to the Million Dollar Day list to have it printed on metal.


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Cutting the Fat and Gettin’ Down to Business

This post isn’t about my photography.  That one will come a little bit later.

I was in Vegas this past weekend attending a conference, NES4 on social media marketing, affiliate marketing and also about SEO for blogging.  It was so overwhelming to say the least.  I heard some amazing speakers, my favorite was the keynote speaker, Gary Vaynerchuk.

Google the guy.  He’ll blow your mind.  Just a heads up though.  He has colorful language.  He reminds me of the Honey Badger, he’s bad ass.

Honey Badger Don’t Care

Anyway, I posted on facebook awhile back how bad my desk was.  Well, I still haven’t touched it.

Today, Sophia went ahead and climbed in my chair and decided she had enough of my messy desk.

What a go getter I have!


There, she’s cuttin’ the fat.

If only she knew how to file.

Jeez, my phone takes some really crappy pics.  I cannot wait to upgrade!

How We Met. Cycling. Triathlons. Ironmans. OH MY! Oh, and a Contest!

Many know my husband, Chris.  We met in 1996 at OPPD when we worked nights during a routine outage.  Outages are part of the nuclear world, and happen every 18 months.

What is an “Outage?”

In the nuclear power industry, an “outage” is a period of time in which a nuclear power plant stops producing power,  in order to perform routine maintenance to the reactor.  Depending on the type of outage, it can last from one and a half to two months.  Additionally, outage staff works in 12 hour shifts in order to keep things moving and to provide 24 hour support.

Of course, it is no big surprise that OPPD has actually not produced any power for a couple of years now.  Ever since the flood hit.  I am not really sure how it stays afloat.  Like my pun? HAHA

Anyway, not going to go into all that.

Like I said we worked nights together.  We did things like fire watch (in a cement building) , stood watch and counted people/things that went into confined spaces (Basically if someone passed out we ran for help…of course it was brought to my attention that once they passed out it was probably a very bad thing and  it was a save yourself kind of deal).  We escorted workers that did not have security clearance, two workers from Oklahoma City come to mind.  Oh my goodness, I was constantly surprised they were working on such complex equipment.  They were not very smart, maybe they were just socially awkward.  Anyway, they were frustrating to be around, nonetheless.

My best friend, at the time was there as well, so when she was doing a job, Chris and I hung out.

In the beginning I thought he was gay.  He wore this God awful neon color wind breaker.  It had neon pink, blue, and I think yellow.  The pink is what threw me.  It was some sort of special coat, I think.  Anyway, I did not confess this little tid bit  of info until well after we were married.  Now, thinking back, I’m laughing.  I bought him a beautiful light blue sweater one Christmas.  He refused to wear it.  Said it was ‘too girly’.  That coming from a guy who wore neon colors.  Yeah Ok.  HAHA.

Ok, so now backing up.  Over time, we ended up dating, getting married and having 3 children.  All this in a 17 year time frame.  WOW!  17 years!??  I had to count the years 4 times, to make sure I was right.  Wow, 17 years.

Now, onto the present.  Chris has some flaws, as we all do.  He can be frustrating, especially with his ‘It is what it is.” BS.  Those of you who were/are being coached by him, you get that a lot, and know what I am talking about.  🙂

That being said, he is an amazing man.  He first started competing in speed skating races (long before I knew him), then on to bicycle racing (when I met him and still to date), and triathlons.  He is amazing to me.  His determination and his drive to succeed in cycling and more now, triathlon is, like I said, amazing.


This is an old photo of the downtown crit in Austin.  I do not know who took it. It is one of my favorites.

He has competed in the Cystic Fibrosis Tower Climb every year for 8 years, winning every year (I think)  It is so hard to keep a track of it.  Make sure you watch this training video.

Then he competed in The New York Empire State Building Climb.  It’s like a Where’s Waldo picture.  See if you can spot him.2209_1101122169603_5881_n

He was  7 x Nebraska State Champion in cycling,in disciplines like (road race, crits, time trails).  He started to compete in triathlons back in 1999. His first tri was the Wool Capital, which resulted him racing the bike portion like a cyclist (too hard) and left T2 (trisition 2) with one cycling and one running shoe on; which ended in a cracked run.   I’m sure he will correct me if I am wrong.  He dabbled with a few Half IM’s, qualified for Kona in Buffalo Springs 70.3 ’04, did Canada IM same year with a 9:54 @ first IM. Back to Kona in ’06. Won first IM at Redman ’08 though not nearly the same depth of competition, still, was a PR 9:49.


(Photo by; Royce Walston @ Walston Photo)



Winning Redman

208100_1007724354716_4639_nKona Ironman in 2006

After Lydia was born in 2008, he started to dwindle off the Ironman circuit, to more local races.  Which has continued through this year.  Sophia was a surprise, and was born in early 2012, then I got sick, which resulted in him having to take time off completely.

2013 was suppose to be the come back year.  As my health improved a bit by December, I surprised him with an entry into Marble Falls Ironman distance race for Christmas.  That race is actually in a week and a half.  You can read about his training here.

This post actually was suppose to be about his latest photograph I took.  Yesterday.  He told me he needed a new Facebook profile pic.  I told him I would take one of him, and this one was never suppose to be seen.

He got silly.  I got naughty.

He had to run to work, so that picture was taunting me.  I quickly edited it, and without his knowledge posted it in Facebook, and then ultimately made it his new profile pic.

I didn’t stop there.

I liked the editing so much, and I read about an upcoming Photo Contest of photos that were edited..a lot, theme is EMOTION.  My thought was simple.  Perfect!!  I couldn’t help it.  I did more editing to it.  Gave it an HDR effect, dodged and burned it plus a close up crop.

I’m calling it…..


“Frustration due to Constipation”

He was surprising calm when he found out I had changed his picture, and that I entered him into a contest.  So as crazed as his looks, this is really who he is


He says he is keeping the beard till after the Marble Falls race.  I’m wondering how true that is.  I think he likes it.  He has more hair on his face than he does on his head.

He plans to run another Lubbock camp this year, so look for mention about that on his website and facebook posts.

Again, this post got way out of control.  I had to change my title.  A simple small post about that his mad man photo, turns into his accomplishments and how proud I am of him.

Again, this will a surprise to him.  I’m full of them lately.  We’ll see how this goes.  Of course, he’s so busy, he may never even see this post.  Just like the time I tested to see if he read my posts on Facebook.  I posted my status about Sophia spilling my Vanilla Blonde Coffee all over the keyboard.  Never saw it. 🙂  So, I may be in luck!

Dino Art Museum Party

It was in the making for a little over a week.  The details started simple, and then before I knew it, Dane had made it a sleep over for 3 nights with 40 guests.  He was dead serious and his determination to make this HUGE, was something I didn’t want to squish, but come on…40???  He doesn’t even have 40 friends, unless he has a facebook account I am not aware of. He wanted me to serve dinners for these 40 guests’, mac and cheese.  His imagination was rolling and I was loving it.  Luckily they settled for cupcakes and Kool-Aid.  He wanted to put on a Nat Geo show of dinosaurs and have a showing after they showed his and hers work.  When it came to it, Lydia got to decide on the movie, and so it wasn’t really matching the exhibit.

Finally, we made the guest list down to 7 children.  Unfortunately, the 3 girls’ down the street couldn’t come, so it was just my 3 and my neighbor’s 3.  The kids drew artwork for a week getting ready for display.  Almost every dinosaur that he knew of and Lydia took care of drawing the dinosaur eggs.  So, the drawings of ovals are Lydia’s egg drawings.

For days, the kids wanted me to hang up their artwork.  I made them wait to the day of the art opening.  I think that was pure torture.  The day of the exhibit, we made vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing inside them.  A little too good, I have an issue with icing!  In fact, I save as much as I can in the container so I can eat spoonfuls of it when the craving hits.  Shameful, yes.

So, without further delay, here are just quick snapshots of their Dino Art Museum Party.







The picture below is what our neighbor, Kolton brought to the party.  He does some awesome work too!