365Project Day 18 ~ My Old Lady


This is Nina.  My subject for Day 18.  She is 15, and the sweetest of sweet.  My favorite thing about her is she hugs you.  Her arms are tightly wrapped around your neck when you pick her up.  Her head tucks into your neck as if so say ‘I never want to let go.” She weighs maybe 5 lbs, and loves to lay on the kitchen table.  That is where the best morning sun is.

AV mode, f8 1/25 ISO 400 28-135mm @75mm

Post processing added haze

365Project Day 8~ Getting Ready for Kindergarten

While Lydia worked on her workbook, I saw a photo opp.  I killed 2 birds with 1 stone.  Luckily she enjoys school work, and has fun with it.  Unfortunately if anything that DOES NOT involve coloring, she has to do the work first, and then I let her color whatever she wants to color on that page.

This was a quick shoot as I was working with her.  I didn’t spend any creative time with this shot, I shot in AV and let it do it’s thing.


Shot in Aperture mode, f3.5 1/30 ISO 400 at 28mm.

Bounced flash toward ceiling and changed my white balance to Florescent to get rid of so much yellow in my kitchen.

In Post Processing, I brightened her eyes and used one of my photoshop actions.