Still Fine at Thirty-Nine

The title is a bit too much, but I wanted something that rhymed, and I even wanted it corny. Yes, I was actually going for corny.

So here I am, another year older.  Not just another year older, but also the last year of my 30’s!!  I’ve had a lot happen in my 30’s, but this isn’t the post about the decade.  It’s the post about the year.

I don’t get down too much on having birthday’s yet. I am still a young girl at heart who wants flowers, cake, ice cream, surprises and presents! I want what most people want, to feel special on their special day. After all, it is a celebration of life.  As many of us know it is short, and can be taken away at a moments notice. So, why not do great things for a birthday?

I still enjoy birthdays.

That being said, this birthday will be without cake or ice cream!  Yeah, I am heartbroken too! I loooooove cake with a vengeance!  Icing especially, but until I get better it looks like sugar is off my plate.  However, I have had a plus side to this. I’ve lost 6 dress sizes since last December and 30 lbs.  I didn’t realize what a chunker I had let myself get.  If you have read the About Me section in this blog you will see I had a problem with sugar. I’m surprised I wasn’t over 200 lbs!

I am a firm believer that sugar is addicting. It was the one thing I had the hardest time quitting.  It took a sickness to happen TWICE before I said enough was enough.  Yeah, like once wasn’t enough!  I’ve always been the stubborn one, and had to do it my way.  Look what it got me!

Here I am looking back on the year of 38, and even though I have had amazing things happen like moving back to Omaha.  I am ready to jump into 39.  I say, to bigger and better things!! I’m still believing for my miracle.  They happen everyday, and why not to me?

You know people say “Another year older and another year wiser”.  Looking back in my years, I am trying to think how many years I got wiser.   I don’t think I got any wiser for the greater good…to share all my ‘wiseness’ to the masses of the people! Heck, I can’t even do 4th grade math! So, if we are talking wisdom in math, well that boat left me high and dry, while scratching my head trying to figure out what just happened.

Still fine at thirty-nine


This past year has taught me more about growth, than I ever dreamed. I guess it finally took me 39 years to grow up! The growing up I am talking about is spiritual growth.  I was such an infant for 38 years in my walk with God.  Oh, how I thought I knew how it worked. I am amazed how little I did know. Even though it took most of my hearing, not able to see or walk straight, and the occasional flutters of dizziness.  I FINALLY see it, but I still have so much more to learn.

I finally have the ears that hear, and the eyes that see that is written so many times in the Bible.  Looking back, if I had not have the second ear hemorrhage back before Christmas I may not have grown into the person God needs and wants me to be.  It’s very possible I could have continued to eat crap, and set new personal record on ass size, and possibly be moving on when I needed to sit back and wait.

Now, do I think He did this to me to teach me this?  NO! Not a chance! He doesn’t work or teach us that way.  Everything good that happens is from Him, not the other way around.   I finally opened myself up to Him and became stronger in my walk so I can face the challenges that have laid and will lay ahead of me.

Do I still have days where I want to scream and ask Him ‘WHY!?’  Oh, you bet! However, I don’t.  I change my heart fast, and then go straight to praising Him and sometimes I raise my hands up and sing.  Which, He may wish I wouldn’t.  My singing voice is like a cat in heat, it’s daunting!

still fine at thirty nine

Another year older, and I am living a totally different life than I had before.  I am wiser, thinner and still fine at thirty-nine!

still fine at thirty-nine

Down 30 lbs and 6 dress sizes!

Happy Birthday to everyone on their special day, whenever that may be!