365Project Day 48 ~ Pink and Sparkly!

I am not usually the souvenir type.  Buying overpriced things just seems like hype to me.  That being said, whenever you go on a trip without the kids, you HAVE to bring them back something.



When we were walking the strip we went into a little shop.  We found a couple of cute stuffed monkeys that had magnets in their hands and feet.  My kids love magnets and they like stuffed animals.  A total win win!

As I was checking out I saw something pink and sparkly out the corner of my eye.  It was an overpriced travel coffee mug.  I went ahead and justified the purchase with 2 key points:

  1. I drink and drive (coffee that is)
  2. It’s PINK and SPARKLY!

How could pink and sparkly WITH coffee NOT put you in a good mood?


Swipe…went the card.

I can so easily be bought when things are pink and sparkly.


Cute huh?

The cat was another souvenir I justified when I went to Culebra, Puerto Rico in 2011.  I love that cat!

I found it fitting that the only 2 souvenirs I have, were on my desk.

I was a bit lazy this morning.  My flash was all the way on the other side of the room, so I decided to up my ISO instead of grabbing my flash.  I think it’s good to not rely on flash all the time.

It’s funny how justification works, huh? Actually, Culebra wasn’t really expensive.  I loved Puerto Rico!

I played with my settings and the lamp on my desk for lighting.  I think it worked, but that is why it has a little noise in the photo

Manual, f3.2 1/80 ISO 1250 50mm

Happy Shooting!

365Project Day 24 ~ What Do You See?

This is one of my cats, Rupee.  Is he yawning or laughing?  What do you see?


This is a very quick post as I have a very unhappy and needy 1 year old.  Yay, for teething.  :/

Manual f2.2 I/60 ISO 250 50mm

The shoot was very quick.  I didn’t play with the numbers.  I did what needed to be done, then shot the photo.

365Project Day22 ~ Teeny Tiny Tippy Toes

A weakness of mine….baby feet.


Manual f4 1/60 ISO 1600 50mm

Today I was playing with high an ISO for the exposure I wanted to get.  I was happy with the results.  There isn’t a lot of noise, so I am still liking the effect.

In post processing, I cleaned up her feet a bit.  A little bit of fur with some dirt wouldn’t make for a pretty picture.

365Project Day 21 ~ Buddy Bucks


Manual f3.5 1/20 ISO 250 50mm

Lydia loves her buddy bucks!

This is post is kind of a big deal, for me.  After writing the this I got to thinking…What if I tried going to the store by myself?

I had my phone so I could call Chris or my neighbor if I really needed them.  So, I left.

The HEB that is near us, is a massive one.  I actually despised it before big places gave me troubles.  I like the smaller stores, and I like having that option to go to the bigger ones if I need to.  All HEB’s around me are huge, now.  The one I am most familiar with is further down the road.  Not a big deal, but I had factors to look at.

The stores get busy pretty early, so I decided I had to go after I dropped Dane off at school.  Since, that’s during rush hour, going to the one I like the most would take me 20-30 mins for an 8 mile stretch.

No thanks.

I went ahead and decided to go to the one that is closest to us and easier to get to.  However, it is really big.  I got there before it got really busy, so I didn’t have that anxiety feeling.

I walked in, and I noticed something.  I did not feel like I was going to fall over!  The over stimulation was not present!

It didn’t exist!

I was smiling ear to ear as I pranced in the produce.  Saying good morning to everyone there.  Looking like I had just won the mega millions.

I said good morning to 2 workers who did not speak English.  One looked at me like I had boogers coming out of my nose.  When I realized they only spoke Spanish, I was rushing through my head what I had learned in my high school Spanish class.  All I could come up with is “Bueno”.   Sad, I know.  I got the look like I was flying my freak flag right in front of them.  Heck, I kinda was.

I was laughing inside.

When I was in lala land, I ran my cart into someone elses.  Still gitty and extremely happy, I apologized.  The lady giggled at me and was very nice about the whole thing.

I spent a total of 45 mins in that store, and felt great the whole time!  Seven months of not being able to go to the store with the kids, and finally I did it!

I loaded the car with kids and grocery’s.  Got my phone and the first person I call was Chris.  “Guess what?!  I did it!!!”

I’m still on my little grocery store high, and I think it has set my mood for the day.